V1.38 Bug reporting

Thought this would be a good place for all the NMS players to help our friends at HG.

While some of us may not experience any problems whilst exploring the cosmos, there maybe some that do, please treat this as a place to report any bugs or issues experienced while playing this fantastic new update! But please keep it constructive, there have been some big changes and there are things that understandably may need ironing out.
Also don’t forget to report any issues here https://hellogames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


I’m doing the Artemis storyline, but I am on the part that says to learn 3 words. I already learned all the words before the patch, but even if I click the knowledge stones, the story won’t progress. Maybe they could make it so clicking a knowledge stones progresses that objective even if it says “Learned nothing new”.


I had learned all of the languages previously, playing today I interacted with a monolith and resulted in me learning an atlas word, I have not had any prompt pop up about Artemis tho, in what instance should this arc take effect?

You’ll get a message that states “you’re not alone” while you’re flying in space

After saving at a newly found place, the question mark icon remains up…a bit confusing as it looks like I haven’t found it.


Oh ok I have been flying around quite a bit, been to a couple on new systems but nothing yet, incidentally I have had an issue with ladders at my base that had disappeared and my whole base was floating about 10ft off the ground.

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I’ve noticed this as well.

I can’t purchase the high capacity slot for my suit. It will take my 50k but I don’t get the slot. Normal slots work fine…up to 17 of those.


My ladders disappeared as well, lol, but my base stayed on the ground!


Everyone please report any and all bugs here:
Hello Games does a lot of bug fixing right after a major update. The more people that report bugs, the sooner they will be fixed!


Ok so here one so far. PC steam user.
I enrolled several secondary missions (both requiring warp travel) at a time. It was the decoy, and the delivering one.
I could select one to ‘pin’ before entering galactic map (nicely ui overhauled by the way) and it highlighted the right galactic path switching left/right : current mission.
But I have issues to locate where to deliver package/decoy. It seems to select systematically the other one while i haven’t selected or pinned it thus without displaying any icons.
Maybe due to the fact i changed ship in between…
Anyway, it showed a path from nowhere to nowhere without stars at the ends… Weird.
Now, i could be the one misusing new galactic ui but I don’t think so.

My game (PC) has been a little buggy since last update. A couple of weeks ago the teleporter mucked up, crashing the game every time I used it. I haven’t tried it yet with 1.3. I had a busy day, just played a few minutes, and I feel almost totally lost with all the new stuff superseding what I’m used to. Gonna have to find a tutorial somewhere on how to play the darn game again!

A couple of things did come up. I went to my origin world late last night, and the game was already changing on me. The name of the system was different, and about half of the Vy’keen ships were different. ALL of the Vy’keen were different body models, though most of the names were the same.

When I booted up a half hour ago and the Update got going, all of the Vy’keen at the space station had the same name, though different body models. The only ship that was the same was my fave fighter Nerimaba. When I went to a freighter, they all had unique names, but none of them were the same as was originally.

My current S Class fighter has zero slots available for technology, though everything else is upgraded to top level. I got into a dogfight, and while I chewed up the pirates last night with no problem, today it’s like my enhancements quit working, and I nearly got blown out of the sky. I also have stupid constantly strobing orange arrows near the bottom of my windscreen.

Another item. When we traded with NPCs before, we could always back out to the Buy Ship/Sell Goods/Buy Goods selection. For me, it backs out to a blank screen and I have to tap through the dialog again to get to the menu.

One more annoying detail. On my storage/equipment screen, I used to be able to rotate the ship, Multitool and freighter with the mousewheel. Now they won’t do more than wiggle.

I started a new game for 1.3. I activated the Atlas beacon at the start, and I’ve been following the prompts since.

I’ve received the blueprints for electron vapour, antimatter, the warp cell, and the hyperdrive. However, I haven’t received a blueprint for suspension fluid.

Everything seemed to go OK at the first Atlas interface, and I’ve got the L1 Atlas pass from Polo at the anomalies.

But when I go to the second Atlas interface, there’s no dialogue. All the animations seem to work, everything activates, I approach the big black pulsing disc, I click on the square in front of it, the pyramid in front of me divides, revealing a floating white ball… and that’s it. It just stops at that point. It’s not possible to progress beyond that point.

The only thing I can do is turn round, and go back to my ship. The game doesn’t crash - it just refuses to go beyond the point I’ve described.

I can’t create new technology. Example: voltalic cell. When I go to my scientist it says I allready did all of the missions.

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I have a relatively new gaming PC well above the max stats for the game. That being said:

I have reported the following issues;

  1. The game crashes every time I try to teleport to my base from the space station. This crash requires a restart to regain functionality.
  2. The violent cockpit shaking when using the pulse drive makes everything unreadable.
  3. Having already learned all the Gek, Korvax and Vy’Keen words makes it impossible to advance some of the story line.
  4. The bottom 2 floors and all of the Exocraft Bays and vehicles are under ground.

I finally flew to my base to find the bottom 2 levels and all of the Exocraft Bays are now under ground. This probably explains why the game crashes when trying to teleport to my base. I am going to move my base a see if that takes care of the teleport crash.

I have over 1200 hours in my current saved Normal game and really don’t want to start over. Relocating my base is not a big issue, but losing all the time and effort is rather daunting.

EDIT: The teleporter crashing when trying to teleport to your home base is corrected by moving your base to another location. After the update my base was mostly underground, making my teleporter underground. As soon as I moved my base the issue was resolved.

The violent cockpit shaking when using the pulse drive has resolved itself. The only thing I can point to is I restarted the game multiple times trying to resolve the teleport issue.

Starting a new base has opened up the Specialists and their quests. Following the quest line so far everything is progressing.

I still am not able to learn 3 words, but I am activating every Knowledge Stone, and paying NPCs to teach me a new word.


Traveling to the center of the galaxy does not advance to the next galaxy.
I am in the Hesperius Dimension and I restart same galaxy.

Problem : while doing galaxy maps selecting to do a path, trying to go down a path is very difficult.
Previous an icon allowed you to see the next in the path. Nothing shows up.
Frustrating .

PC version


Stop wondering about the missing words. That is a bug too. Somehow they added prefixes to common conversations for which you already know the words.

Trying to set waypoints in the galactic map will not work for me. I have a legit Win10 OS and Intel 6800 CPU. Have clocked almost 1200 hours. I thought I would love this galaxy map but it’s dysfunctional. I can’t find my way back to my flocking base! It’s where everything is, resources, warp cells, freighter, everything. There USED to be a key to locate your carping base… Oh, and here’s even more fun. The map KNOWS where my base system is, there is a waypoint set, but the stupid tard thing won’t show me!!

Sean, why?? :disappointed_relieved:

Man… I guess I need to scour the help guide or pour over the net for someone with a magic answer book. By the way, I stumbled over the map tilt default keys. Space bar is up, CTRL key is down. I need to peek at the key assignments and see if there are more bindings available. HG, this is messed up.

One more thing: why in HAIL does a freighter not have a gosh darn WARP DRIVE?! Oh Lord, this update is giving me hysterectomies…

Memo to HG: in updates, it’s really going against the term “update” when existing and entirely working functionality falls off the table and disappears. I love you guys, but this is harfy.


I received the suspension fluid recipe from Artemis when I first met them. Don’t know if that’s the only way

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Hi HG I’m following the Artemis storyline when you’ve done the first fourth race tower but the hologram of Artemis doesn’t appear in my ship when his dialogue turns up. Is he supposed to be there yet?
Also could you add an option to remove your own waypoint on galactic map and PLEASE add freelook in ship for PC?