Zendesk, How many bugs have you reported?

By counting the [request received] emails in my inbox, I have discovered I have used the HG Zendesk to submit some 28 bug/glitch reports. (current standing is 0 bugs fixed lol)

How about you?

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Only one, about the ground plants not rotating when you tilt your camera in photo mode. I’m not joking


over a dozen, i did not keep the messages from HG


Hmm. Every time the Atlas encounters what it considers a serious bug, it starts the simulation again. So far, I reckon there have been around 2,394,829,084,924,924,924 of them.


@Polyphemus, is that not a hex number? it ends with H?

It’s an old school 2d rendering technique they’re using for the grass, it’s a sacrifice between aesthetic and performance so will most likely never change unless they refine the hell out of how fast the engine springs the algorithms to life.

I personally reported quite a few bugs, even when already known. Investigated many issues and provided detailed info, putting in quite a bit of effort. Was amazed to never get a ticket number or ID created for these reports, to be able to reference them with additional info. Replies have always been automated confirmations. Not to discourage anyone, as I am sure reports are useful to HG, but to me it just feels off and impersonal. Most of the issues I have reported, have yet to be fixed. In all honesty, I expect more from a support center, besides collecting data to pass on. I am not a big fan of Zendesk, but it doesn’t stop me from reporting, just less effort going into them.

Yup, good ol’ sprites! In photo mode the world update is frozen, which includes these sprites as well as many other things. Even many of the tree leaves use this technique, which is used in many games where something is repeated a whole lot in a scene, without too much effort (performance).

Another thing you will notice in Photo Mode is lighting not updating, everything is literally frozen. Even more noticeable when moving the sun manually, resulting in light/shadows not quite making any sense anymore. Manually changing time however, does attempt to update lighting again, although not always perfect.

I doubt this should be considered a bug, although it would not hurt performance to include some of this in the frame update loop when using Photo Mode.

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SPRITES! Jesus my brain was failing me, or it had been so long since I’d needed to use the word in such a context… I was thinking “2d bitmap… something… er, what?! just say 2 dimensional image… nobody will notice…”

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