No Man’s Sky V1.5 NEXT Bug Reporting

The NEXT update is live!! Please use and treat this as a place to report any bugs or issues experienced while playing this new update! But please keep it constructive, there have been some big changes and there are things that understandably may need ironing out.

Also don’t forget, to ensure HG are aware please report any issues here


Nice to see you are thinking ahead Frank.
Once the update drops and we have a new category for NEXT one of us leaders will shuffle your new topic over or merge it or whatever so it is relevant to current discussion. We hope to have the NEXT category within 24 hours :wink:


Is anyone having trouble getting the avatar/race module to accept changes?

Cool! :+1: I’m waiting with baited breath!! Lol

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I fell through my friends frieghter and died​:sleepy::sneezing_face:

I can’t change my starship weapons no matter what keys I use. Does anybody else have this problem?

I just sent zendesk an email about the exosuit high-capacity storage holding exactly the same number of items/slot as the normal exosuit storage. I had a maxiumum of 5 Albumin Pearls (yes, I did touch those eggs) in both the high-capacity exosuit storage as well as in the normal storage…


What happened to other stowed owned ships ? So what am I missing I get the option to summon other ships on a planet . Have not actually tried . Why are they not parked on freighter like pre-NEXT ? How do I acces them ? PS4 OG save .

This is a wierd bug, when ever I shoot my ship’s “guns” my ship gets injured


Im on normal mode using a Ps4Pro:

  • Huge sound problems when I activate hyperdrive. Happens everytime.
  • CAN’T WRAP. When I choose the system I want to wrap to, the screen comes back to my ship and nothing happens. I am trapped.
  • Sea renderings bugged.

Would be interesting to know which bug reports are from new or existing saves… :thinking:

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I cannot find my fleet command center anywhere in the build menu. I’m on an existing creative save

Load existing game : Crashes.
If it successfully loads existing game it gets very laggy and crashes.
If I start a new game it plays normally for about 2 minutes and then crashes.
Also exotic ship changed and had a strange personalised name.
All ships on freighter missing.
Massive lag issues.

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My 400 hour normal mode save won’t save anymore.Even if I save I’m back where I started when the update happened when I load it again. Reported on Zendesk.


I had this issue, I landed on my frieghter and the exotic I had there before the update was gone, I then moved my freighter and it re appeared, since then I’ve also landed on my frieghter on the same pad as my exotic, tries to take off but my ship got stuck in the hanger, I reloaded took my exotic out and landed it on another pad now it’s ok phew!!

I’m having the same sound problems too

The cockpit closing graphic on first person mode was stuck opening and closing on PC (annoying blink) but didn’t interfere with gameplay.


Tried starting a new normal mode game on PS4. Tutorial ended up looping between giving me antimatter > having me fuel hyperdrive > giving me antimatter again > rinse and repeat endlessly. Cannot warp out of first system because the game prevents it if you have not completed that objective yet.

Reported on Zendesk.


Are you on a new game tutorial with the warping bug or is it an older save?

I have also experienced the sound glitch. Activating boosters seems to be when I notice it.

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