Help a Fellow Traveller in NEXT

Welcome to the NEXT era Help a Fellow Traveller.
Same as previous thread just directly relevant to NEXT.

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No Man’s Sky V1.5 NEXT Bug Reporting.

NMS-Inspired Visual Art.


The blueprint analyser task seem to confuse many people. It’s so annoying cause I just did it yesterday while high on caffeine and sleep (at the same time) and so I don’t remember how I did it now…

I think a description of how that task is completed would help many! If anyone remembers or is tarting a new save let us know!

I haven’t even seen it.
I have some tech that I’m meant to get analysed but as yet no actual analyser :thinking:

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For this subforum we’re asking that folks make individual threads for each question/topic. So I’m going to close down this thread, and I’ll encourage you to make a new thread about the blueprint analyuzer task, @bcatrek

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