Welcome to the CSD forums!

Hello and welcome!

These are the official forums for the Atlas Foundation’s Citizen Science Division. This is a great place with friendly locals so feel free to ask a question if you’re stuck.

Getting Started

  • Be certain you like your username as it cannot be changed after 3 days.
  • We suggest you do the tutorials to ensure you have a grasp on the easiest ways to navigate & use these forums (Simply say “@discobot start new user” in a post. )
  • Use the personal menu (top right) to bookmark topics that grab your interest & to personalise your public profile.
  • We strongly suggest that you not include personally identifiable information in your public profile or your username. Folks here are friendly, but it’s still the internet!
  • Please take a look at our FAQ/Guidelines so you have a good idea of what our community is all about, and the guidelines we follow.
  • All newcomers are invited stop by the Introduction Thread to say hello!
  • Additionally, clicking on Latest off the drop-down menu should help you get up to speed with what is current & popular.

As a side note, because of the origins of these forums some of the early posts in that thread might be a bit confusing. These were originally the Edison Township Amateur Radio Club forums, which is why you might see some people call it “ETARC”. After the conclusion of Season 1 of Waking Titan, they were converted to the Atlas Citizen Science Division forums you see today. You can read more about Waking Titan (and get involved!) in the Waking Titan category.

Some Final Notes

  • To get someone’s attention put an @ in front of their username.
  • Try checking the search option first before starting a new topic.
  • Remember to play nice: It’s what makes this community so awesome!