Server Migration


Hey there! Just to let you know, the forums will stay on. I will be doing some maintenance on the server while I migrate everything under its new brand: Citizen Sciences Division.

If you have any issues, let me know.




Thank you! Whoever you are!




B…bob? Is that you?


Whooooooo. Yeah!!!.


Cool! :heart_eyes:




IT LIVES!!! :star_struck::+1:

WE LIVE ON!!! :joy:

Thank you sweet puppet master. Sincerely, thanks.


Made an account just for the rebrand, hello fellow Citizen Scientists!


Oh hallelujah, ETARC lives! You actually had me worried there for a bit :sweat_smile:. See you all on the other side.


Quick now I gotta pretend to know how to actually do science


My high school biology teacher liked to say “All science begins with awareness”.
Keep your eyes and ears open and you are a scientist.


So cool.! Awesome! NMS has a little warm home.
No more utterly alone in space. Just pick up the ‘device’ and chat to a few Citizen Scientists. (ETARC will always be my nickname for us though)


From Discord to ETARC. Fresh new account to continually check up on the fellow Citizen Scientists.


I’m glad that the forum is staying on, though I must admit I’m a bit sad that the ETARC name and ambience is going away.


Greetings @CS_Q


I say THANK GOODNESS that people will stop pointing out that it is “crate” spelled backwards.


I’m going to presume that we are all quiet because of the server migration.
Look forward to returning to chats once all the transfering is done.
In the meantime…time for some NMS :smile:


Thank you @oldgods. :grinning: Looking forwords to talk to the amazing people here in the future and about NMS.