What Happened to the Migration/Rebranding to CSD?

I expected that these forums would have been rebranded and migrated to the new CSD version by now. ??

Has there been any news as to what is going on with this and why nothing has been done to complete that process yet?

Thanks in advance.


Loop16/Emily is preventing the migration from happening


I believe they have far more important to do in fixing the 1.3 release before thinking about details like that. Don’t forget that HG is a small team.

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Sorry, this has indeed taken longer than expected. We’re working hard currently on reviewing player feedback/issues and releasing patches - but we’ll be sorting out the migration and rebranding as soon as possible, so stay tuned and thanks for being super patient! :smiley:



Awesome! Just keep up the hard work!! It’s paying off and we NMS fans love it!!!


Good question @Goldengoose7

Its good to know that the @oldgods continue to watch and listen.

Migration/rebranding will be good so long as the forum platform doesn’t change - me likey!

Hopefully just a few more bugs to squash and then we can all get back on the ARG train (there was 5 glyphs left right? - or right left?!)


Don’t think community stuff would be handled by the 16 skewed intellects… Nothing preventing it, but I would rather expect @SM or the others to just lurk for giggles, somehow.

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THE LEFT IS RIGHT! panic ensues



Thanks for the reply! I didn’t realize that HG was actually handling this process. I was under the impression that this forum was still being managed by the folks who produced the Waking Titan ARG.

Either way, I appreciate the update on this process.

Really enjoying the new version of the game and hope you can keep the rapid fire patch schedule flowing! Its great to see this level of activity.

Cheers and thanks again. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I seemed to notice a shift in OldGods posts maybe a day or two after the ARG ended and the Alice and Smith developer gave us some insight into behind the scenes of the ARG, I didn’t expect it to be a member of HG in-house though. Maybe just some freelance PR person.

One thing I’ve noticed about HG and I think it’s what causes some confusion and frustration among fans is, they don’t multitask things. They focus on what needs fixing or doing and pour all their resources into it. For example patch notes can sometimes god damn wait a day or two because they just were too busy bug squashing to do a write up. The important thigns take precedent over proper communication with the fans sometimes. Which I’m fully for! And that seems to be the case here too, CSD is on hold while they squanch them bugs!

I think its the best approach for a small team, if you try and micro manage multiple things by only assigning one or two people to each task, everything slows down as a result.


i remain convinced oldgods is sean, until proven otherwise :upside_down_face:


I could. But then they would make me disappear like Emily did. And I would rather not comunicate with you lot via Hamster.

But yes there are things going in the background. And the mods are still around to help them when the rebranding happens.


I agree, the use of the word “super” seems to be one of his favs :wink: