ARG Post NMS Update Poll

  • If the NMS update happens before the Waking Titan ARG ends, will you still participate in the ARG? Yes
  • No, not interested in this ARG, now that I have the NMS update.

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Now that this ARG is %100 involved with NMS, i wont stop watching/taking tabs til its over. This ARG has more interesting backstory and lore than the game…unfortunately xD.


We love the Waking Titan ARG! We definitely hope they keep it going!


I’ll be following Waking Titan to the very end. There’s no way I’m stepping away early.


Too deep now, no turning back


I am invested pretty heavy but feel like it’s starting to get boring. Today was a real low point for me and I’m hoping they recover with something great soon. I’m not impatient but really didn’t like that all we got from the live drop was a PDF.

Ultimately I don’t think the ARG goes longer than the release date anyhow so probably won’t matter.


Why was today a low point we got like 3 emails from Old Gods plus some more info about other things plus the live drop in new York and the waking titan livestream


no i think today has been amazing! I dont even care anymore lol. I might get an Atlas pass,so this day was awesome!


If the update happens during the ARG, it is very likely that we will need to complete the ARG to unlock all the new features (like portals). So I would assume almost everyone would want to contribute.


sorry I tagged the wrong person in that reply


Hell I aint ever leaving the ETARC community if the site stays up, if it doesnt I guess we all relocate to reddit if it has an etarc sub or if not i’ll see you all around NoMansHigh and the galactic hub :wink:


see you all around NoMansHigh and the galactic hub

You and me both, intergalactic stoner.