I would say that was great... I guess?

Really big lead up this weekend to today, I worry that unless they do something more soon (next few days) I worry people might be upset. There were about 4000 + viewers, and I’m sure not all know the context and that there has been a lead up to this for months now. This has been well done so far, and I have enjoyed it. (I love NMS and have played it to this day) All I ask is to keep this in mind and help to keep in check and redirect if possible; I hope expectation on how well this was done coincides with the final product everyone now is expecting. I say this from the heart, so please understand. Thank you for all you’ve done, just know that people are expecting more now. =-)


Don’t forget the video of Emily ( https://forums.etarc.org/t/youtube-megathread/892/72 ). For the resident NMS haters, it is ofc confirmation all is bad. But for those who enjoy this ARG, well… I can’t speak for everyone, but I for one really liked this video.
The portal pic is just a nice added bonus.


I got flagged for inappropriate the last time I said I was disappointed in something, but here goes anyway. For me, this is becoming more monotonous than the game ever was to people who got it refunded. I’m ready to get the update and play the game, or for this to all stop and let me forget about it all until the update hits.

As with just about everything people will do and say what they choose. Waking Titan ARG has been fun. No Man’s Sky is fun and will continue to be fun. Those that are never satisfied will never be satisfied. I wish them well while I have fun.


This gave me a hearty laugh…


I’ve had fun with all the puzzles. Just not a fan of a day long countdown that culminates in another wait. It’s like the carrot is dangling, ever out of reach…

ya I liked it too. I’m fine with it, a lot of people though didn’t seem so and its a fine line for some NMS fans. The Reddit post brought in a bigger crowd and they might not understand, that’s my only worry.

And the ARG isn’t finished yet. JJ, Elizabeth and certainly others aren’t happy and will want to react.

There are 6 Glyphs still locked. They just put us through 3 pretty grueling days. I for one, am happy for the break. And I’m not going to stress over what people imagine this ARG should be. It is what it is. For now I am going to finish catching up. I missed a lot while I was at work.


Personally, I just didn’t watch the stream at all the entire day. Most of the time it had ~600 viewers. I had it on in the background, and ultimately, I just started watching 5 minutes before the countdown expires. The pace at that points was quite enjoyable.
Only some of the really hard core fans watched the full 72 hours and made sure nothing happened that wasn’t observed/reported, and that’s alright, to each his own. I’d say just find whatever way of watching/following this works best for you. And really, if you feel like it’s going slow to the point of ruining your enjoyment of it, don’t watch it, go play the game instead. If you’re on the mailing list you’re still eligible for the V4 pass (if there is such a thing), and you’ll still get the same update somewhere next month I think? So yea, just go for whatever gives you the most enjoyment out of this ARG. Coz like any other game, that’s what matters in the end.


I am excited about the glyphs and selecting a destination though!!!


chevron locked


It’s pretty cool that after all, there are going to be enough V4 physical passes for all of us… I think, more or less sure.

If you are extremely optimistic, once the update hits, and NMS becomes the next “Oasis”, where all hypes can become true, that pass might eventually be worth 1,000.000 US$ on Ebay…

Personally as a terribly pessimistic person, I think Loop16 has deemed us not worthy and moved on, while “The Know” sharpens their knives, ready to tear Mercury to shreds…

The realistic in me, feels a bit let down for the scarcity of “real meat”, we’ve been shown. The connection to a 1.3 is still too weak… denies that it has ended! And knows that even if it did, the ride was fun while it lasted.

Big elephant in the room: No update - No date up.


What is “The Know”? I’ve seen the name pop up a few times today but could never see the context around this.

YouTube Content creators… They ride with the flow… And amplify it.

Corporate and well sponsored…

Yeah, myself I was hoping 1.3 would just be released before the end of the ARG. The ending of the ARG being a even better update like 2.0 (you know, the you can do anything update.) Sorry, SM. I never took that, the way the critics did. Hell, I loved day one release, this is all just bonus. The updates kept me playing (drinkin kool-aid). I still have Witcher 3 sitting on the self, and fallout 4 unfinished. I’ve stretch that 60 dollars, I’d say.

Here’s hoping, there still is some ARG left, right?


My biggest thought right now is just shock that our Emily turned out to be the star of this whole thing. Seems like a long time ago now that she was the leader of our small ETARC group trying to figure out the mystery. Seeing her again as a super-intelligent AI was a bit…weird. But it was nice to see her.


The question remains , “What will happen next?”


Right, I guessed she would be echoed and was loop16 or one personality of loop16, but I didn’t thinks she was a supercomputer the whole time. That’s what we are thinking right, she has been a computer the whole time?

Be kind of cool if something happened tomorrow on my 20th birthday

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