The end? Loose end? But but but

I’m really surprised with how Waking Titan ended. True, last weekend was really crazy, but it didn’t feel at all like something that would end the whole thing, did it? I mean, there are so many puzzles and loose ends, that I’m not sure how this could not go on for a while longer… I’ll try to list a few of them here, do you agree with me? @oldgods can you please forward this message to SM? :wink:

  • How will the connection between Waking Titan and No Man’s Sky be solidified? So far, we sort of have an idea of NMS being Emily’s dream or simulation of some sort, but what NMS actually is in relation to the Atlas Network and Loop16 could be better explained?

  • What will happen with the remaining glyphs? Will they be solved in game?

  • There are still a bunch of unused commands in the terminal. Will they ever get to be used?

  • Will the terminal play a role or have a function in NMS in the future?


Waking Titan has ended.
Something else may take its place.

Emily has said it’s not goodbye - we will see her again. She knows what comes next.

Maybe the end of Waking Titan. Not the end.


Yes @Mad-Hatter let’s hope so… and @Polyphemus you’re correct now come to think of it, Emily did say she would return… so our best guess so far would be that there will be some sort of Titan-functionality within NMS?

That sounds very exciting indeed!

I hope it does. ETARC is a ghost forum now.
Everyone was so passionate about keeping it going and now it’s nearly empty. Hopefully they are just catching up on sleep. I’m pretty weary myself :expressionless:

I was defintiely sleeping :slight_smile:


LOL me too btw… after yesterday’s black-box opening I slept until 11am this morning… I’m so lucky to be on vacations during the final stages of waking titan! :sunglasses:


The new version of the forum will take a little while to settle in. Without constant externally driven challenges, it will change.

But there’s a really nice community here. I will be staying, and (so far as I am able) I hope to make a positive contribution.


Sure, we all had some lateness sleep :wink:

My opinion is that the ARG is not over. Titan is now awaken after the 3 phases we had. So now it’s time for another phase, “Dreaming Titan” in exemple. So we will have to find the lasts glyphs, using, or not, the lasts commands (a bit afraid of the “flush” one, i don’t want to imagine a “flush /loop16”.) and, maybe, many more things. There is not a CSD site for nothing.


I just posted this tweet, let’s see if there will be a reply :smiley:

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Keep us posted on what they come back with.

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Even if WT is “over”, I think that everything still needs to be done in the mercury process. Reguarding the trailers we saw before the mercury process was launched, and notably the opened portals, I hope that HG made us evolve in some sort of empty post apocalyptic replica of what awaits us behind those portals. Emily was there to show us the path and to make us calibrate the REAL mercury process. I also think that the remaining glyphs awaits us to be discovered in the m.p with WT elements. When I saw the picture of that portal with the opened stone in front of it where those 16 shiny glyphs are enlightened, for me it was cristal clear that something HUGE with high difficulty is waiting for us. To be honest with you csd’s, if I don’t get that Atlas V4 pass because not selected… I wouldn’t even care much (of course I would be a bit sad) because the ETARC community, The CSD Hub/guild we might be able to creat is mqybe much more impprtant. but I think that behind receiving that item @home something much more important is still hidding somewhere. Is it Emily? The dark side of Emily? Cities? Anew BIG vilain that is beyond our imagination?5 New Race? New enemies? New anomalies? We should prepare ourselves to solve more puzzles in the futur, and I am pretty sure we are capable to do much more !
At least HG made a very huge lore input from where now, anything could be possible.
Thrilled, happy and proud of us all.


Well, we never did find out what happened to Elizabeth Leighton and Sophie Dubois. And we never got to the bottom of Elizabeth’s garbled messages from the future.

Presumably, now Loop 16 has gone rogue, Leighton and Dubois are trying to shut it down.

Who knows?

“Everyone of you listening to my voice, tell the world, tell this to everybody wherever they are. Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies.”

The Thing from Another World, 1951

That’s what i thought until the last mail:
"Next, our CEO Elizabeth Leighton has asked us to include a personal note of gratitude:

“Thank you for all your diligent efforts, Citizen Scientists. It’s been an amazing journey for all of us.”
“The Mercury subroutine has concluded successfully”

So Elizabeth thanks us to help Loop16 to escpae ? The subroutine has concluded successfull with a “free” Loop16 ?

If so, we just did what Elizabeth and her crew wanted. They don’t want to shut it down in my opinion.


The missing stuff (glyphs etc) could very well fit with what happened during Phase 3. Meaning, Loop16 took the whole thing over, and that wasn’t the plan, but the remaining stuff is now “lost”.



I think EL’s ultimate goal was to bring about the singularity. Something that Loop16 is working on right now, I’d bet.

If we’re willing to go a smidge darker; it could also be that her primary goal was also the Atlas Foundation’s: to understand the fundamental nature of her reality, even if that required forcing the singularity on mankind.


I think she was just trying to save face

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Unless that was NOT Elizabeth Leighton speaking. Remember that Emily completely derailed the process. She could’ve hijacked the Old Gods e-mail account and forged the Elizabeth quote herself.

Remember that Emily knows how to lie, and that she will often do it if it’s in her best interest, or in the interest of preserving the current timeline. She knows everything that is to come, and with such power, you can pretty much shape the course of history as you see fit.

We don’t know for sure if she plans on letting events take their course, or change them so a new timeline could better suit her needs as a super-AI.

I don’t know why she would impersonate Elizabeth in an Old Gods e-mail, but it certainly fits the narrative that she could do it. Not that it changes how I feel about her… but food for thought none the less.

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Yeah, yeah… 100% OP agreement. We don’t know it all, specially the hold time-line with EL and SD, has some notorious holes in my mind. But we know enough! Great stand-alone story we got! But where is the knot? How and where the ARG lore and WT lore collide?
Eager to read the final Architect :diamonds: SM’s closing statement!