What next?


wow… just left the discord chat…waking titan seems to be finished with its first phase… thoughts?


I think @Emily’s gonna be pissed she missed it.

@gruffham @mimi @MisterB


This says nothing will happen until 2018… think it’s a typo? I hope so.

EDIT: misread my calendar. I’m an idiot. Anyway… it’s not this year for sure!


July 9 2018 is not a Saturday


I want to know more about Elizabeth - we did not get more of her video… :confused:


saturday, july 9th… 2016


Yeah… oops.


It can’t be Saturday, it will be in 5 years!


Judging by the “Important Output from Mercury Process”, I’m having an awful suspicion that Phase 1 was only a market-sensing experiment. HG was gauging how big the NMS community still was after the turbulence of the last year. I’d say they got what they wanted… numbers.

Now to begin Phase 2 and 3, they’ll use this better-known footprint to actually cater to the people who still care about the game.


So if this is the end (that PDF has a note of finality, at least for now), what was the point in atlas-65.com? There must be more to come, surely.


I just am hoping for more story and lore to continue rounding out the universe discovered during waking titan


well atlas’s tagline is about connecting everything and that is what we did, kinda, to get the 6th sigil???


Yeah, what about all of the unsolved (unlocked!) glyphs?!


I’d wondered if there might be three stages as there are three groups of glyphs


If we take serious what the PDF tells us, you don’t have to wonder or be afraid that this ends yet:

“We intend to keep the
process alive until the completion of Project Waking Titan in August.
It is important to mention that we are very excited by the coming Phases 2 and 3”


I guess the phase 2 & 3 implies that. Just feels a little bit of a let down this puzzle. We didn’t get any real new information about the game world.


Umm, i recently mentioned there is even more “time salat” going on here. If i read it right the PDF from June, 16th 2017 mentions the Mercury Process Self Diagnosis Report was generated “July 8th, 2017”… :thinking:


Aside from the fact I slept the last hour and missed it, this has been a horribly disappointing step in the ARG. Talk about let downs, you put up a site with absolutely no puzzles, you make people listen to 12 hours of garbage radio for four clues, then you post a potential typo date, and a memo that pisses a bunch of people off… Not sure if its a misstep or intended misdirection, but wow they better come with something big in phase 2 to keep people’s interest…


A few things stand out to me:

  • Two more phases coming according to the pdf.
  • We have a date showing Saturday, July 9th on wakingtitan.com.
  • The pdf is generated July 8th, 2017 (today), while dated June 16th, 2017 at the top right.

We also have:

  • Myriad API #09121
  • Alpha-2621


I call dibs on them just making even more mistakes like the voting process where one of the answer were and weren’t 42.