has launched

“About us” is glitchy, I dunno what else there is.

And yeah, the preview still shows the old text, but it’s not real, the site does a thing now.


Doesn’t look launched to me…

A part of it might be:

In addition, if you click the left arrow, you get a little bit of info mentioning Elizabeth Leighton, but what’s more, the background or something of that page glitches (just was it a bit).

More “launched” than it was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently the Atlas Foundation is not accepting press requests, and recruitment is by invitation only

Could this refer to our lucky steam key selectees? Or is it always worded like this?

The different sites had different employment pages. One, I forget which, had positions listed with job codes that I don’t think we ever figured out how to use…

It might have something to do with the Steam key people, but maybe they had their turn. We might get random emails to Waking Titan subscribers, or to all WT subs, or something like that. Or, tomorrow’s broadcast might make it more clear.

An additional observation is that the site does not appear to be wordpress based. (This is the first site that is not, though I am not sure if that is significant.)

Yeah, I noticed it’s got a way slicker interface than all the other cookie-cutter “Babby’s First Wobsite” places. I guess cuz Atlas is the king and all them others are mere peasants.

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Sent an e-mail to

Let’s see what happens.

Me Too :slight_smile:
re: Invitation

Hello there,

I seem to have misplaced my invitation…

Fr. Todd Umptious


Direct links to the background images:

About us:



Also worth noting, or maybe not, just takes you to the front page again, no special 404 or something.

Does that mean we are finally read for this? :smiley:

Yes, also no count down, no starting up of the page, it just came into existence.

The home page mouse-over animation is definitely reminiscent of the NMS galaxy map… with the exception of moving stars?

There is a new site on the server,… nothing there yet

Gaining future access to the site before we’re supposed to, eh? Looks like Emilys not the only one experiencing difficulty with time. Everybody watch your movements very closely… I’m too scared to look!

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(I’m just starting with waking titan and in args, so I don’t know if this is helping, I’m sorry if it’s not)

I saw that the name ELIZABETH LEIGHTON was in the about us, maybe this will be important in the future. I also saw that in the other two pages there was a white frame and in the about us the white is disappearing.

In addition, this site declares the javascripts at the bottom for whatever reason. They’re probably a way to determine what image glitched and why, as well as if the site has any other behavior. That being said, they’re far from easy to read.


The first few might be more or less standard, but I’m not at all sure what the last 2 are for, or why they share the same number.

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In the website address add /about:blank and press enter

waking titan sygil 6 now glitching the howard stern text when you click it