PDF Investigation

Let me begin by saying this is the PDF I’m discussing here, https://s3.amazonaws.com/cdn.wakingtitan.com/data/612040ac-f7d1-4f3d-9969-640bba886a97.pdf

Okay now. The first thing I’d like to talk about is at the top right of the second page. Just below the project name and time line is five two letter abbreviations (I’m assuming abbreviations). I’m thinking that these abbreviations (EC MU MY SU AT) stand for Echo, Multiverse, Myriad, Superlumina and Atlas in order.

For those who don’t know these words all relate to additional sites that have been located but not listed on the wiki due to some matter of uncertainty about their validity. I for one think they’re absolutely valid. Those sites are as follows,


The hex digits at the end of these sites decodes to Duple.

having two or sometimes a multiple of two beats in a measure.

I think this calls out to a heartbeat. Heartbeats are duple beats. Ba-Dum, Ba-Dum, Ba-Dum…

The last connecting keyword we found was infinite loop. Which we never found a site for. My theory is that the infinite loop is the heart beat of the waking titan.

I digress!

The next part of the second page is about assessments.
Key Names 5/5
Websites 5/5 (listed above)
Email Addresses 1/8 (come on guys)
Hub 1/1
Transmissions 00/n.a

Radio Stations 9 (correct at the time of writing the pdf)
Interference 2 (what is this? Can anyone illuminate this?)

Then we get a ranking of Advanced. We would have gotten prodigy if not for those emails!

Next we have a message from Major Sophie Dubois to Elizabeth Leighton.
Still too risky!

I’ll start working on figuring out information about Sophie and Elizabeth soon enough.


I was wondering about the email addresses. Do we start thinking up @wakingtitan people to email? Like Major Dubios or Leighton. I’m hesitant, don’t want to start spamming rando ppl or upset whoever is running this project.

Since we knew there to be a info@wakingtitan.com there were emails sent out to info@eachothersite.com. I think one of those netted a response. That being said, in order to contact Major Dubois or Elizabeth Leighton we would need to figure out how email allocation is handled for the agency or corporation they belong to. That is, if there is a standard for such things.

I’m also fairly certain that there were names of some people working at one of the companies on the other websites floating around at one point. If we could get those we may be able to track down some other email addresses.

My best guess for a an email layout would be firstname.lastname@website.com

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since the icon/glyph that you click to access this document is labeled Archive-1 should we call this document or the glyph associated with it Archive-1?

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Yeah I would say this entire puzzle(from password, pdf to glyph) are all Archive-1.


I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but I found the following pieces of text in the source code for the 5 sites found from the abbreviations in the PDF
Echo-64.com: echo gives a voice to the past
multiverse-75.com: Break the laws of physics
myriad-70.com: sky is not the limit
superlumina-6c.com: help us make new discoveries
atlas-65.com: echo gives a voice to the past

I also find it strange that the multiverse site has its name as multiverse technologies

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how did you get those sites from the abbreviations?

I’m not 100% sure how the sites were found. I just followed what was given in the original post (added .com to the end) . Each site says it is under construction in the site title on the tab at the top, except for echo which says you’re not ready for this yet.

These sites were found through a use of google-fu, some who.is searches and some magic with the certifications. Once we found superlumina there were some images that gave us the other website names after decoding some decimal in them.

Now it’s going to be a long post because,

Let me grab those images /

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ah ok, was just checking there was nothing in the other pieces found so far that pointed to those terms, just the 2 letter initials and searching. Thanks!

Woah, nice find. :astonished:


How did you go about figuring out the hex code portion after the word in the urls? Did that just come from the who.is searching that you did originally?

Brute forcing for some of it.

I’d heard of the cache pages but hadn’t seen those images. They are high quality IMO, somebody spent a lot of time and money on this.
Woah is right!

and going with they connect - they all seem to have a communication/digital aspect - yes?

This looks like it might be a bit of a dead end, but the TOP SECRET footer on pages 2 and 3 have 2017 “=O3QcsBFH6zY”, which looks a bit like a YouTube URL in format and length.

…and pulls up the YouTube video for Kavinsky - First Blood (Official Audio)

We actually already have a thread for that!



I want to take a crack at this too. On the first page under Initial Assessments, there is a checkbox of items. It seems that whoever is behind this is not only watching us but also knows everything we have discovered. They have marked off that we have discovered Key Names and Websites, which we have, and Hub. I’m not 100% sure what “Hub” is, but maybe it just refers to the forums we have been talking on. Another important detail is that there is an unchecked box, Email Addresses, and n/a boxes. So this might be trying to point us in the right direction? Also next to that, they checked us, participants, off as advanced. I’m flattered!

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I am very curious about this section as well - what did “we miss” some have suggested we are the Camus Facility mentioned in the second PDF - why that phrase? And there were a number of those boxes labeled N/A. There is the concept that things are not in a finite settled state until some point and then boom they are there (like the Echo-64 site) - why is this? And will those N/A categories become “finite” as we go?

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So, here’s what I’ve gather from the PDF files so far:

PDF 1:
code = ORION
YouTube = Kavinsky - First Blood (OutRun)

photo = Homer’s Odyssey
YouTube = The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie

I have a few thoughts and observations. Mind you, I have no idea the significance of any of what I’m about to say. It may all be completely unrelated.

I believe the photo in the 2nd PDF of the antique book may be a copy of the Odyssey based on the cover illustration. It fits into the Greek mythology theme started with the first PDF file. Odysseus also sees Orion hunting in the underworld in the story of the Odyssey, but otherwise I don’t think Orion figures much into the story. Also, recall the icon that looks like a boat on the wakingtitan.com website? Maybe it’s a reference to some type of Odyssey or to the Odyssey story itself.

The Man Who Sold The World is speculated to be about a doppelganger or a split personality and may be inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos according to the wikipedia entry about the song. In No Man’s Sky, there is reference to a doppelganger at a monument. The doppelganger offers to trade weapons with you.

The author of the echo-64.com blog entry is named Old God and the photo she/he is using for his/her avatar is a photo of an H.P. Lovecraft god named Nyarlathotep, another Cthulhu mythos connection. I’m wondering if there is a sort of horror story playing out here. Maybe related to echo-64 and the outcome of their technology.

The title of the track by Kavinsky - First Blood - is reminiscent of Rambo. Kavinsky’s music is inspired by 80s movie soundtracks. Rambo is an 80s film. Rambo is a hunter of sorts not unlike Orion, but other than that it seems like a stretch to connect Rambo to this. Orion was the distributor of the Rambo film First Blood in 1982. I don’t know how else the phrase First Blood fits in. However, the lyrics to First Blood are strange and could again reference some kind of doppelganger or split personality. They are too cryptic to really tell.

Doppelgangers could also be copies of ourselves such as what echo-64 aims to do or iterations of ourselves in a multiverse like in Run Lola Run.

First Blood is from a album called OutRun. On Kavinsky’s facebook page he has a photo of Yu Suzuki who is a game developer who helped create a game by the same name “Out Run” in 1986 that involved racing in a Ferrari Testarossa Spider. From the wikipedia entry: “It is notable for its pioneering hardware, graphics and music, and innovative features such as a selectable soundtrack and nonlinear gameplay.” Sounds a bit like No Man’s Sky if you have a positive view of the game like I do.

Yu Suzuki is currently working on Shenmue III. The game does include magical tablet mirrors in it’s plot, but again, I doubt it’s related.

More related to Odysseus and other mentions of Greek mythology in this Waking Titan ARG:
Calypso was the daughter of the Titan Atlas. In Homer’s Odyssey, she entertained Odysseus for seven years, but she could not overcome his longing for home even by promising him immortality. At last the god Hermes was sent by Zeus to ask her to release Odysseus. According to Hesiod’s Theogony, she bore Odysseus twin sons, Nausithous and Nausinous.

Also, in reference to the Camus Facility: Albert Camus was a philosopher who’s work contributed to the rise of Absurdism as a philosophy. The wikipedia abstract on Absurdism reminds me a bit of the philosophy of No Man’s Sky and the relationship to the Atlas and what not… and also seems a bit related to our task at hand and the void echo-64 is attempting to fill.

I apologize everyone. I feel like I’m just spamming non-sense, but I’m hoping even a fragment of one of my ideas sparks a connection that actually does make sense or have some significance in someone else’s mind. The main thing I keep coming back to is duplicates, iterations of things, twins, mirrors, duples, whatever you want to call them.