Myriad-70 solve thread

Guess we’ll start a thread for this one too! Discuss here.

Also check out this google document, where the wiki editors are currently working

Glyph-5 solution


Password for

Password for

Sigil 4 unlock:

In the first pdf we find 313-xxxxx
In the second pdf we find xxx-98176
Combining those gives 313-98176, which is the password for the 4th sigil



Going into Status and then clicking “warning: mercury proccess running” brings you to a page, a very scary page. We only have one attempt at this apparently…

“Subroutine MERCURY is ready. This is Process 1 out of 3. You have 12h to select the desired dataset assembly. BE CAREFUL, this process will execute ONCE”

When you click this, it gives you 5 options but you can only select one.
16, 32, 41, 64, 80, 96.

If the threat is real, I guess theres no brute forcing this one :slight_smile:

“Latest network diagnostic table:
669:a 116:b 365:c [processing…]”

There may be corellation between those numbers and letters an the choices given on the mercury warning page. if we can decode the string for a b c it should give us the results for d e and f, which I dunno, might help us figure out whether to select Key a-f in the atlas13 typeform page. In work so glancing everything super quick.

When on the status page, eventually Contacts button will go glitched. I dunno if it’s an animation supposed to repeat or if my browsers buggy but it seems to only do it when I scroll away and then back up. Also not sure if it does it on other pages too or if its just when on Status page.


At first glance of those numbers 41 is the odd one as its the only odd number and its prime.

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google.maps.LatLng(37.234332396, -115.80666344),

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Regarding 41: It’s possibly a typing error on their part, the result page says 42 instead of 41.

Mailed with subject Service Code FA-291
received reply:
Thank you for your inquiry to our sales department. A representative should contact you shortly. Please note that your account will be prioritized based on various criteria, including your financial health, your reputation, and the level of innovation your project represents.

If you are part of our special Nocturne priority program, please use your dedicated support email address to get a more rapid response.

Service code RE-992
Myriad Help Desk
An Atlas Foundation Company


Hmmm, now is this a public, private or military airport/complex? Looks private to me but I dunno what way you crazy people live in Nevada :sunny:

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The map points to Area 51.

/status for me is different here,
Latest network diagnostic table:

669:a 116:b 365:c 119:d 816:e 108:f 590:g 586:h 408:i 847:j 759:k [processing…]

On status page there are two clients. Putting this in the adress bar gives us two password protected pages:

On the right side of these pages is a cipher which, after rot13 is a quote from the little prince, chapter 27

Et maintenant, bien sûr, ça fait six ans déjà…Je n’ai jamais encore raconté cette histoire. Les camarades qui m’ont revu ont été bien contents de me revoir vivant. J’étais triste mais je leur disais: C’est la fatigue… Maintenant je me suis un peu consolé. C’est à dire… pas tout à fait. Mais je sais bien qu’il est revenu à sa planète, car, au lever du jour, je n’ai pas retrouvé son corps. Ce n’était pas un corps tellement lourd…Et j’aime la nuit écouter les étoiles. C’est comme cinq cent millions de grelots… Mais voilà qu’il passe quelque chose d’extraordinaire. La muselière que j’ai dessinée pour le petit prince, j’ai oublié d’y ajouter la courroie de cuir! Il n’aura jamais pu l’attacher au mouton. Alors je me demande: "Que s’est-il passé sur sa planète? Peut-être bien que le mouton à mangé la fleur…

@Dwarf added this recap in english:
“Six years later, the pilot writes this story. He is reassured by the fact that the little prince’s body disappeared the day after the scene with the snake and believes that the little prince really did make it back to his planet. However, the pilot realizes that he forgot to add a leather strap to the muzzle he drew for the little prince’s sheep, and so he worries that the sheep may have eaten the rose. He asks the readers whether they believe the sheep has eaten the rose or not and emphasizes how essential the outcome of this question is.”

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Ugh, I need to get to a PC phone isn’t cutting it for this! “NASA Cosmonauts”?! It’s becoming clear we’re dealing with an alternate history earth here I think…

Logo used for Myriad-70 is another stock image:

Not sure if this is related, but the number of developers “89044” from the main page is the ZIP code for Henderson Nevada

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GD Wiki-Eds are working in this doc since our Wiki won’t let us save anything.

Very close to the point on their google maps on the contact page:


First post here, but I just felt compelled to point this out. The atomic number of mercury is 80!


The newly open glyph on Waking Titan links to the status page of Myriad

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The numbers on the mercury project are not the same as on the tracker:
16 32 41 64 80 96
as opposed to
16 32 42 64 80 96

The results so far, after you click which dataset you want on /status page,

16-42% 32-25% 42-13% 64-09% 80-06% 96-05%

Now mailed
Nocturne Division
System Relay 001-A: Your support ticket ID has been sent to the primary technical contact for your account. If you are not already a Nocturne priority client, your request will be transferred to our general support center.

Sincerely, Julian J Wong.

Service code LA-443
Myriad Help Desk
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