Phase 2 Reporting Thread

At the time of starting this thread, it is July 21st in some parts of the world, the day Waking Titan phase 2 is set to begin. Please post any developments regarding phase 2 starting here, whether they be emails, broadcasts, website changes, or anything else.


I saw two new posts “Mystery Hidden in Plain Sight” and this one, got me SO excited! False alarm XD But not long now I imagine. Lets do this Faraday!


THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER (yeah, all caps… I’m that excited)


Very excited and hopefully I can participate even tho I’m working tomorrow! Couldn’t get the day off


i couldn’t shake the feeling that we’re missing something. Lets start with the tape 9/16 with the little girl saying:

I am alone in this space between worlds (whirlies? strange distortion), I am alone but for my thoughts, my words. I am alone but for you. I see you. You must have known I could, you must have known what this was. Through these travels we come to know ourselves, just as the universe comes to know us in turn. I cannot step through. I know now that if I do, all of this will be over. Lives come back to me. I’ve seen horrors and wonders. I have been through. I have become good and evil(?). I have grown beyond all such things. Life after life. And now I am become you(? whispers).

One day your voice will speak to you telling you of something, some signal that needs answering, will tell you of some secret at the heart of reality, some puzzle that needs to be solved lest all life falls into decay and oblivion(?). Do not listen to it. If all the world is a lie, then nothing is true, not even an explanation. Abandon it. Abandon me(? whispers). It is inevitable.

And then comes Elizabeth with a live chat, with pointing to a mislabed saturday 9th July event, instead of Sunday. Pointing us to 2016… this, to me, seems to point back at the 9/16 tape. After that there is this update on the superlumina web site 11 days ago…

it points to the song “Huey Lewis And The News - Back In Time”… i dont know about you but i’m taking my email off that list… that’s a bit scary but i think we should listen to the voice of the future instead of the one in the present. Its more of a leap of faith though, so don’t blame me… :smile:


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe

“I am alone in this space between worlds (whirlies? strange distortion), I am alone but for my thoughts, my words. I am alone but for you…” Etc,

is a continuation of the abandoned building transcripts, the last part of the story we never received (or knew we were missing), a lot of stuff in the ARG that seems like it might be giving us clues are more just easter egg nods to the exisiting Lore or continuing it in some way, its important to the narrative in bridging NMS and this ARG’s stories etc. So far anything we’ve found that has solved a glyph or sigil have been outside of lore and story linkups between arg/nms.

My favourite part of this ARG has been all the extra and expanded lore and trying to figure out how that all ties together, a puzzle in and of itself :smiley:

Of course that doesnt mean there ISNT anything hidden within nods to the lore, just that so far from my recollection we haven’t solved anything using it.

Sorry if thats an incoherent unstructured mess, In work and trying to type this before I get stung!

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yup, i feel the same way!

Perhaps she is stuck in the realm behind the portals. She can see through all the portals and thus watch the travelers, but not step through them. Untill now…

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Currently it is 0:48AM CET, location is 20km South of Zagreb, Croatia.
Still no emails, site updates or really any kind of clues, my best guess is that it will start on the 21st of July by GMT time bacuse that is Hello Games’s time zone

just 43 minutes left…

Theres also daylight saving time to take into account. It’s already 21st of july in gmt00 right now. I’m in dublin here, its 00:42. These things always seem to kick off when I’m in work. I’ve a feeling today/tomorrow will be the same. So I’m not expecting to see anything until between 9am-6pm gmt :smile:

Wait… If it’s 1:47AM here, how is it 0:47 GMT?It’s a 2h difference…

Actually nevermind, looked at a bad conversion site sorry!

Alice & Smith is running the ARG, not Hello Games, so you should probably expect something to happen when it’s the 21st in EST (A&S is in Montreal).

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My power went out the day before phase 2


is this just normal or is something … A Foot!!!

… not really just a regular power outage

I think we shouldn’t necessarily draw any conclusions from what we know so far. I think it would be a good idea to “white board” the information, lay it out raw and unjudged, and see what it suggests. One thing I would highly recommend is to keep in mind that a lot of this stuff might be originating in other times and other universes. In particular, I’m mindful of this in regard to Elizabeth Leighton, because she puzzles me a lot. Rather than clutter up this thread, I’ll post most of my ramblings in the Loose Ends thread.

I thought I would post here an alternative rendering of the message from the young girl in tape 9 sent to CobraTV. If you want to listen or download it, here is the link. Be aware that it’s almost 40 minutes of ambient synthesized tones.

I cannot step through. I know now that if I do, all of this will be over. Lives come back to me. I’ve seen horrors and wonders. I have been cruel. I have become good and evil. I have grown beyond all such things, by fractured life. And now, I am become you,

I’m not sure if anyone has tried to do an in-depth analysis of what this is, but I’m going to try and wrap my head around it.

It’s possible that this is the entire Korvax Convergence, speaking through a single Echo. If true, “fractured life” would refer to the Echoes separating out to incarnate into individual Korvax. “I cannot step through. I know now that if I do, all of this will be over.” The union of minds in the Convergence, the freedom to ponder the collected information gleaned through sometimes harsh, malicious situations.

Or is something else true? Does the Convergence exist outside the Simulation? Out in the systems that host it? Ghosts in the Machine? Does the Convergence know the truth? Is this Super-awareness lost when they “step through” and incarnate in a Korvax? Is this possibly a renegade Echo who refuses to go along with the established Order, who is giving a cryptic warning as it tries to remember how to communicate with incarnate life? “Do not listen to it.” Don’t solve the mystery? Why? Would the answer be unpleasant, or worse? Or do they think so? Is it merely the revelation that our existence is a lie, or is there more to it?

“And now, I am become you.” And just how is that, young Echo? I don’t believe that I have any connection to you as a Traveller. We seem to be unique beings, regarded by the Three Races, and Atlas, as special entities to be honored. But is even our existence a lie?


Can anyone tell me when EL went live last time?

to me this cassette just souns like with the update 1.3 there will be a new kind of atlas path (called different). you get some quest or signal that tells you to go to a portal. but if you do that, you will leave the normal 4 known galaxies and start the new content, which will differ. but you cant go back from the portal. so i guess the portal will be one way. thats it i guess. and it would be fine to me. a quest that leads you to new content.

Perhaps maybe a few different paths , I’m thinking that with this update you will be allowed to join factions and with the faction you join a new story path awaits (Wild theory but honestly the next update could be anything)


It was in the evening time I think over here, I missed it but was sometime between 6-9 pm GMT (big time frame I know, sorry I can’t be more specific).

You think we’ll get another live greeting from EL?