Introduction for Phase 2

With this post I intend on summarizing some of the main concerns and issues we have been debating lately. Time will tell whether it will be fruitful in terms of future investigations or not, but hopefully it will help with recollection and/or introduction to newcomers at this stage. I originally intended on this post having links to relevant threads on Etarc and elsewhere, highlighting where the actual discussions are, but the number of links and cross-referencing just became too many and messy, so sorry if some statements below seem to be given without proper background.

Elizabeth Leighton (EL) will be back from Ibiza, and Major Dubois is called in again after “supervising” the missile-bases in Honolulu :smiley:

Jokes aside, I think that Emily’s disappearance has made us ask deeper questions about time travel, and about how different multiverse branches has been made to communicate with each other. To find out what happened to Emily is driving a larger issue here.

Superlumina’s Oxbridge brats have cause something unintended to happen, maybe even ripped open a path to a branch that started to communicate with the “human-populated-branches” (i.e. us, either in present or future tense). Could this be responsible for Emily’s disappearance? Regardless of which, something unforeseen happened at the Superlumina website, granting an unwelcome entity access to our poor benevolent little world. Some hostile entity is threatening us, and I believe that Atlas needs our community to come to terms with this. So, “Understanding Reality” seems to be a means to an end.

Maybe EL’s team is reaching backward in time from the future, to prevent nasty things from happening?

Some people have expressed disbelief in EL, but I for one feel that she is honestly reaching out to us and asks for our help. Her “cold” or “managerial” attitude may arise from the simple fact that she has a lot of responsibility and/or sits on a lot of top secret information that she feels very edgy or scared about. For one, the military (in the shape of Major Dubois) is quite skeptical.

Starting tomorrow, we also need to understand or study how AI figures in all of this, and also be prepared for simulation-based answers (our world as a simulation, different future branches being simulated Ă  la Run Lola Run, or having NMS represent simulations that are meaningful or necessary for us somehow).

Was Emily “simulated” all along, or was she “abducted” into a different branch? Is Superlumina causing the emergence of an AI with dubious aims? We have strong suspicions of some sort of AI entering Waking Titan, so to figure out its purpose and background seems to be pivotal.

What is puzzling to me is how NMS will figure into all of this. Sure, we know that Atlas passes will be mailed out. But even though we might only know in v1.3 what they will be for, from a global perspective NMS must (should?) be woven into the current storyline involving EL and Atlas, all websites (DUPLE) and a greater purpose justifying the existence of them. To me, this is one of the greater mysteries with Waking Titan overall.

Anything major (or minor) that I missed?
I want to avoid a situation where some puzzles might be left unsolved! (I know this was a concern at times among some of us, even though Phase 1 was successfully completed)

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i like it! El is communicating from the future to try and resolve a major problem and they have the U.S. military involved because its becoming increasingly difficult for them to respond to in the future. thats exactly what i was thinking (although i did just re-write it a bit in my own words lol) so Atlas has created a monster??? they need our help to contain their errant creation? i love it

is it possible that, just because we entered the correct answer into an answer box, we are not solving all the puzzles? does a puzzle in ARG’s have to have an immediate answer box in front of us in order to qualify as a puzzle. this is my first ARG (in-fact had no idea they existed before this) and i know we are not alone in feeling we are not completing everything that has been put in-front of us. namely the map.jpg on and the contact.png from the superlumina site. many of us have exhausted many possibilities on these, but it feels unfinished to me.

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When I wrote about some of the puzzles not being solved, I was referring to things on the websites and in the released documents that seemed to be clues or hints to either alternative explanations or for unlocking side-stories within the larger arch. However, in her twitch-streams, EL convinced us that we needn’t worry and that Phase 1 indeed was a success and regarded as completed.

I belive @lilprog was very keen on many of these “unsolved” puzzles, and EL even referenced him directly at one point when answering questions from people in the chat.

Here are two excellent examples of “loose ends”: (1) Unused Data and (2) Loose Ends

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