Connecting all the evils: Superlumina, Emily, Error in Loop16

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So I’ve been trying to grasp the big picture here for days on end. I uploaded a picture explaning some of my main points, which is a timeline of the most important events of Waking Titan so far (imo). Btw a more complete timeline can be found here.

What has bugged me a lot is how we in Phase 1 were led to a communications station within NMS saying that LOOP16 had encountered an unexpected error, but that we now, at a later point in time, seem to be booting up LOOP16 for the first time (with lessons learned from LOOP15).

How could there be an error in LOOP16 when it hadn’t been booted yet?

One possibility is that the comm station was left by instance16status sometime in the future, and have been sent back to us á la Superlumina, i.e. back in time. We don’t know what caused the error, but we know that every iteration of the LOOPs came with a set of various problems, especially in predictability and processor power.

An alternative explanation to this could be that NMS is the AI that Elizabeth talks about in her presentation, and that this AI (still in version Loop15?) predicted an error in LOOP16 - and in case LOOP16 is NMS, this means it predicted a future error in itself - before the error actually happened.

As for the cause of the error, I was trying to weave that in with other anomalies happening:

Emily’s disappearance and The hostile hacking of Superlumina’s website. Are these “evils” connected? The “Join our crusade” message is by far the most hostile statement within the entirety of Waking Titan, and could very well represent an AI gone rogue sometime in the future. With the help of Superlumina’s technology, it now sends messages back in time, i.e. to us, at the very moment that we are booting up our own (or the same?) AI.

This rogue element could have cause the LOOP16 error sometime in the future.

Maybe Superlumina’s disappearance - if indeed they have disappeared in the infinite loops as postulated - could be explained by time-travel as well? If they, sometime in the future, uploaded their own minds into the simulation, that is NMS, they are maybe trying to warn us of this rogue AI by sending the error message back in time to us? I do not find it weird that Superlumina and NMS would be tied to each other; it is the only company within Atlas that have an esotheric quality to it in my opinion. And the people making up Superlumina are carbon copies of the NMS alien races.

As for Emily’s disappearance; we might have a similar situation with Elizabeth as the one explained in the image. If Emily is echoed from the future, then Elizabeth - who exists here and now - have no way of knowing what happened to her or why the echoing stopped. Is the termination of her Vlogs connected with the LOOP16 error and/or Superlumina’s disappearance? I’m just saying that all these three events could either be taking place at the same time in the future, or be caused by the same entity/root cause.

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Loop 16 has not been just booted. If you remember the bootsector site, it said “process has been hibernating as of July 5”. This suggests that the process has been active even before that, thus it is not time traveling. So far there is no proof of either loop16 or Emily (probably the same) time traveling. There is however proof of Elizabeth doing it.

Also, I object to you considering Emily evil. For that matter, not even superlumina or the loop16 error are really evil.

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New info suggests that Emily is not Loop16 but is Loop15. Both went into hibernation on July 5th.


Well, i might not have explained myself clearly :slight_smile:

I too do not believe Loop16 or Emily to be “evil”, however, Emily’s disappearance and the error in Loop16 might be for malicious reasons. I was trying to connect this with the Join Our Crusade message on Superlumina’s site, that’s all.

And you might be correct about the timing with the Loop16 error, maybe some parts of it were already running when the error was discovered. Similar to the BIOS not loading correctly, prompting a proper boot from us or something.

What evidence of time travel do we have from Elizabeth?

We saw her overlapping… as if been broadcasted from different timelines…? It is all of course very thin noodle-science.


Per the document discovered in NY this weekend…

“I’m reporting in that the Atlas Foundation has concluded loop 15’s testing and shut that process down for good.”

This document was signed April 7th, 2017, so loop15 was done by then. The first news post on was made by Emily Warren on March 2nd, 2017. There could potentially be some overlap there depending on exactly when loop15 was shut down and loop16 was turned on, but I think that’s why people assumed Emily was loop16, not loop15.

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oh ok… I tend to just interpret that as the video being garbled and distorted due to “primitive” time-travel tech, but that those messages were sent from a specific time in the future back to us. This would mean that EL never actually time travelled, rather only sent messages back.

For me, actual evidence of time travel would be the Superlumina website.

And Emily well, it’s anybody’s guess… but I think the least likely explanation is that she’s a human living/that lived in our time. It doesn’t seem to me that she could be equated to Loop16 either, due to the state this loop was in when she first appeared.

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Do you also lay awake at night wondering, what the noodles they got at the new york drop tasted like? I bet they tasted like a great epiphany, or a sudden realisation of genius, followed by a gassy belch and a feeling of malnourishment. And somewhere, along those noodly strings, infinite multiverses blinked into existence every time a drop of flavoured water ran down the length of one.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe loop16 only became corrupted around the time Emily disappeared from the forums. It could have been started around the time loop15 was shut down, and worked fine until the beginning of July.

Also, someone has probably made this connection before, but when I was messing around on the WT site (terminal) and looking at how WHO LOOP16 mentions running on Atlas 0.16Alpha…I was thinking that maybe LOOP16 is referring to the simulation itself (version 0.16) rather than a person or process (like Em) within the simulation.

One of the first events in Phase one, beginning of June our time, was a communications station in No Man’s Sky that said that Loop16 had suffered an unexpected error. Emily disappeared long after this.

Initially, I was curious as to how there could be an error in Loop16 before it was booted in Phase2 (just recently). This didn’t made sense if time-travel was not involved. However, as @Shota pointed out, some pre-algorithms or something could already have been compiled at the time Phase1 started, before CSD became a thing, and producing an error in its initial phases.

@Stonio99: Loop15 was shutdown April 7th no? (and not July 5th) Or did i miss something here? :smiley:

@bcatrek We know for sure that loop15 was shut down by April 7, but it technically could have been shut down prior to that date.


I probably have the dates wrong but I believe after the file we read from the briefcase that people no longer believed Emily to be Loop16 but rather Loop15 instead.

It’s all becoming unnecessarily confusing for a buildup to a patch for a video game that is a year old and no longer in the spotlight. At least it’s kind of fun taking the ride…

What I took from it is that there was a previous AI, not as efficient as this one, that was snuffed… Not clear if it had formed a human-like personality like 16/Emily, or Emily, most likely is an unprecedented way to reach out and save itself in this iteration…

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What if Emily was the error in Loop16. A ghost in the machine. Something that sprouted at random from something it shouldn’t have. So they shut it down and rebooted in the hope that it would end it?

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Not sure where to post this. My apology if it’s in the wrong thread, but after listening to one of @kyle-culver’s You-Tube videos. (and by the way, H/T to him, because man he does a phenomenal job with this stuff) some thoughts hit me. And again, my apologies if this has already been discussed. Anyway, back in phase 1 of the ARG the Second Sequence -Echo this advertisement was played:

I lost my grandmother, Emma, 2 years ago. She was 85. I miss her so much. But now, thanks to Echo Software, I - I can hear her voice back, just using a sample from an old home movie. Grandma Speaks Are you filming this honey? Back to woman I can make her say what makes me feel close to her again, like Grandma Interrupts I love you honey, and I’m leaving you all my jewelery. Normal woman laughs? Cries? Thanks to Echo Software, everybody’s voice can be anybody’s. Visit

Obviously, Emma is short for Emily. What if EL is Emily’s granddaughter. Gone two years ago would be 2015.


@LilLadyD76 and others:
The main purpose of this thread is to see whether there can be a connection between the following out-of-ordinary events of WT:

  • Hostile hacking of Superlumina website
  • Time travel of Superlumina website (from 2018)
  • Disappearance of Emily (and subsequent appearance again during Azurevoyage live drop)
  • Loop16 Unexpected error

In order to see connections between these, any theory and thought is welcome! And pieces of info like the one you posted should definitely be kept in the loop, especially if further evidence comes that points to a link between Emily and Elizabeth. So keep posting! :slight_smile:




Only to point that the terminación of 15 was intentional, due to not meeting expectations. Mercury parabole?

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In order to gain some clarity here, I posted a related poll in a separate thread, and invite you to join it.

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