Problems with Superlumina

Elizabeth was saying something to the effect of things going well in spite of Superlumina… What were the problems with Superlumina?

Superlumina went live early, breaking the sequence. Likely nothing seriously wrong, considering it was such a side note.


The Superlumina website replaced its name with the words “Infinite Loop” in the project codes. I think that means they are trapped in a time warp.

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where do you see this “infinite loop” ?

There are strings of numbers under all of the project names. They translated to “Echo” “Myriad” “Multiverse” “Atlas” and “Infinite Loop”.


oh sorry - knew that. brain = fried

EL: Did uhmm… did we fix the mess with this Superlumina? I mean I love those kids but…
Male: Saturday? Yes yes
EL: (sigh) ok

So did someone tamper with the site (kids)? Does this mean there is a subversive element?

my gut reaction was that Superlumina constituted a splinter group within the Atlas Network, but on second thought it could be just as simple as referring to the fact that had “Saturday July 9th” written when it should have said “Sunday July 9th”

The Superlumina website got that video link address added for the Huey Lewis - Back In Time video…maybe that was the issue along with it launching early.

In the second video she references it again:

EL: For Fluffy017 [note: twitch username] We don’t know the full extent, the damage that Superlumina caused. You probably saw the ripple effect, but everything should return to normal, well, whatever “normal” is for us (laughs)

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I’m thinking that experiments with tachyons at the Superlumina labs resulted in a causality paradox which caused a time fracture/bubble/loop for Elizabeth and the people at Atlas. In the fourth Elizabeth Leighton transmission which was almost entirely garbled audio, I heard in it:

“Fifteen/sixteen timelines… unaffected symbols” (glyphs)

I believe they are still trapped. The calendar is wrong, so this is a parallel universe, or (unlikely but possible) something manufactured by the Atlas from the future.

The “kids” comment might be because the Superlumina team are part of a post-grad program. Perhaps they are a bit careless with their superluminal technology.

I think what Elizabeth was referring to was the typo about July 9th being a Saturday. She mentioned the word “Saturday” specifically and the man off camera said it was fixed. At least, that’s what I took away from it. She mentioned Superlumina because it was likely their fault for getting the day wrong for our universe.

I think both of you @injuredcold and @stryker99 are correct, in that we both have the original overall problem /hickup made by these college kids (what this is, is still unknown), and we also have one of the consequences of this problem (referred to by Elizabath as “a ripple”), namely the error in the date on wakingtitan dot com webpage.

As was pointed out earlier, I believe that the “infinite loop” message is the best clue so far as to what these brats were actually up to or what they did “wrong”

Could anyone explain if there’s more meaning behind this quote, besides Superlumina being launched “early” and the typo between July 9th being sat/sun?

The site reporting it was corrupted, glitches on various other sites. One might even go as far as to place the other Elizabeth vids under this banner too.