Update on superlumina

A YouTube link appeared towards song “back in time” from Huey & the News…

Edit: @lilprog mentioned that on atlas-65 topic


I’m totally blind – where is it? o.o

Wow, no, jesus, I’m really blind apparently. XD Right there on the homepage

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Have we tried using the Wayback Machine or something similar to look at cached versions of superlumina? Maybe that’s the hint.

GD person here. Is there evidence that this is a new change? If so that’s extremely significant

Yes, this absolutely was not here before…

Did “Data Compression For NLTT” always glitch?

I called this. We need to get archives of all these sites so we can compare. What if they get locked again if/when we go back in time?

Do you have an approximate first notice of the change? I saw it a couple hours ago and put it on our wiki, but getting an account of the time of change would be important

Matt’s bot reported that Superlumina updated on Thursday, but he claimed it was a glitch. Seems he was wrong.

This literally changed early this evening. As for the NLTT thats always been there…

Matt’s in Poland. I’d hate to bug him on holiday

I’m not even suggesting that. I’m just stating we do indeed have evidence that the website was updated recently, hence this new change becoming visible now.

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8 Jul at approximately 0127 UTC. That’s when Matt’s bot picked up the change.

Mattbot has been known to be delayed with the updates :thinking:

by minutes or hours? It’s still the earliest reference I’ve found.

No, the time I am refering to was July 5th.

tracking. He said there were dynamic changes happening to the site so he disabled the bot for a while. Do you have any evidence that “Back in Time” was referenced on superlumina on the 5th?

It wasnt… the message on the 5th was a bug. Apparently any time he launched the tracker it would report a change he had to tweak it. The time stamp today is correct.

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roger. Thanks

That’s funny… I had the same issue… HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT no shXt haha :slight_smile: