Waking Titan is returning! / Investigation


Atlas passes have arrived
Lab319 Investigation

Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! The hype is already building up.


Also, the superlumina site got updated and the google driver too, now it was a title of 1.5

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16a_0EZ0EdAcCNE7QgvwIwC18NOGnZ_q9

Superlumina: http://www.superlumina-6c.com


Also Multiverse: http://www.multiverse-75.com/


I wonder why 1.5, we haven’t even hit 1.4 yet


Time distortion.


Oh ya, forgot


Theres a glyph in wakingtitan site that redirects to the google driver with the infinity mirror photos from the Loop 16 twitch stream


Looks different from the others


Here we go!!!

Time to put my thinking cap back on, and unwrap some puzzle bits!!!

Can’t wait!


Its officially back, it seems


Echo just turned red - “Process Terminated”.


Puzzle just landed on http://www.myriad-70.com/

[edit] It’s ascii expressed as hex. It says “mirror”.


Oh, no.

Oh, god. No.

Here we go again.


Still active


Yep, things are happening… =-)


I’m geeking y’all!!


So so hyped right now!


I’ve seen people claiming password for 10th glyph is ‘‘MIRROR’’, which is the first thing I tried today but it didn’t work for me. Tried again after people claimed it was it, but it still doesn’t work for me. Am I alone?


When you click on the newest glyph, there’s a flashing message behind it, can’t read it though, if someone could take a screenshot, that would be great.