Waking Titan 10th Glyph


Welcome back Citizen Scientists! It seems like there is some science that needs doing, so let’s get to it! :sunglasses:

The 10th Glyph has been activated on Waking Titan.

The globe image under the password line links to a Google Drive folder with images uploaded from the community during the last phase. (Our own @FRANK_CADILLAC uploaded image “0A”!)

The titles of the photos, when strung together and skipping the 00 (empty) ones, were hexidecimal for “moirrr”, which is an anagram for mirror. Additionally, the hexidecimals in the correct order for the word mirror can be found on the bottom of the Myriad website: "6d 69 72 72 6f 72 ".

The image in the background shows a letter from an unknown “Gail Benedict”.
I’ll save you a few clicks: a whois look-up for “Gail” “Gail Benedict” or “Benedict” yields no results found.

The letter reads:

Dear Elizabeth
We have finished processing 10,000 passes as per your requirements. You should
have them in time for the next phase. I really hope you will like the final product.

Kind regards,

Our task is to discover the password for the 10th Glyph.
In the past, the answer has always been hinted at with the background image. As this image mentions the arrival of the long awaited Level 4 Atlas Passes, it is reasonable to think that the answer might come with the passes themselves.

What have you fine citizens tried so far?
Let’s crack this thing!!

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Waking Titan Glyph Answers

2: 97C-303N-5884-P
7: CAFE888

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Wow, did I ever pick the wrong weekend to travel…
Looks like you guys got this all wrapped up- well done CSD!!

The 10th Glyph password is: REM SLEEP

Cudos to @DevilinPixy for the stellar recap, that can be found here if you haven’t seen it already.

In brief, here is how it went down:

The STATUS command on Waking Titan website changed over time to reveal a telephone number “1-800-413-0110” followed by “XXXXX XXX”

Calling 1-800-413-0110 played an audio recording which turned out to be a Slow Scan TeleVision (SSTV) signal. When the signal was decoded, it revealed two images: Precipitation tables for a seemingly random list of locations.

Sorting the locations in alphabetical order revealed the next hint: in this order, the last letter of each location spelled out: INDEX BY PRECIPITATION

The next step was to use the precipitation value as an index for which letter of the location name to grab: IE “2mm” = grab the second letter of the location. The letters for each location all together spells out the next clue:

There was a live drop in New York City at ‘Caffe Bene’ during phase 1. However, this coffee house no longer exists at that location and now is a cafe called Outro instead. This change in cafe name was hinted at on the Waking Titan website for the console command STATUS after the phone number (the string of X’s):
This meant another live drop was about to happen at 19:00 (ET/local), at the OUTRO NYC.

Agent Chris was en-route to the drop, but unfortunately got involved in a traffic accident (nobody was hurt). This delay caused an extension from Waking Titan to make the drop, so other agents were sent out to the live drop location. Agent Courage was the first to arrive and streamed the event on Twitch (Courage99).

Three agents (Courage, Sebatio and his son Axel) received a secret memo.

The next clue was written on the back of the secret memo by hand in black marker: “REMS”.
In the memo, there was one line of text that was written in red and underlined: "get plenty of sleep, while you still can"
Combining these clues from the memo led us to the password for the 10th glyph: REM SLEEP

(so much for brief…) :rofl:

Atlas passes have arrived
Waking Titan is returning! / Investigation

I think we’ll get a clue shortly as they are probably going for a 24 hours cycle again


I’m a sucker for visual aid

Waking Titan is returning! / Investigation

I’ve made a new Google doc for this new '‘Phase’'

it’s not much, but we don’t have much so…


I hate to be the downer, but the letter about the Atlas V4 Passes is in the background for the glyph password entry. If the passes are key to figuring out the password, then even if we did somehow get it early (brute forcing), we would not be ALLOWED to enter the password.

We know this because someone brute forced a password for a glyph during phase 1 of WT and the password was promtly changed.

If the puppetmasters don’t want you to have the password yet, then they will ensure there is no way to enter it.


the “other” images (not included in the MIRROR set)


“If the passes are the key to figuring out the password…”

While I agree with this assumption, at the moment that is all it is. We assume the passes are in the mail and that they will come with the next clue- which would be freaking amazing!

However, it remains within the realm of possibility that the password for this glyph can be solved without the passes since no one has a pass… yet.


I want to get on the crazy brainstorming train :male_detective:t4:
brainstorming! so beware the crazy…
the 1.5 google drive has all those images, so i started looking closer at them.

00 (4) and 00 (5) and 72 (1) are the only .png format files, the others are all .jpg, except for 72.jpeg
72 (1) is the largest file, at 2M while all the others are less than half that.

i looked at 72 (1) closer, that has a sheet of paper not related to the mirror.
when i flipped and enhanced it…
there looks like a ticket stub for an exhibit called soul of a nation, im assuming he (also assuming) saw it at the tate modern museum last year.

my question is; is there a way to see all of the original submissions made for the mirror dimension thing we did just to confirm that this (alleged) guy is not a plant?


When researching mirror with Greek mythology and H.P. Lovecraft you get a couple things I tried both becouse they have been tied to the arg before


googled MYRIAD MIRRORS and got the results for “The Tower of Myriad Mirrors”. I tried many references from this book, but no luck. If anyone else wants to take a look into it, it does reference dreams and alternate realities a bit.


57 61 69 74 69 6e 67 66 6f 72 61 63 6c 75 65


Is this something new ?


Although I recognise those symbols I can’t remember where from…?
Please remind me :thinking:


Citizen Scientist, Travellers the Picture is not mirrored
it is a picture of a jump into a galaxy center!

Today, while jumping through a new center, the screen appeared as the 1.5 picture


@Mad-Hatter @zsigmond @Dragoon4205
Sorry guys. Just me trying not to break 4th wall.


Try me … lol


does you runes say BOO! lol



I’m going off some long forgotten obscure download from earlier in WT. Not complete either…
Can’t even remember where it came from.


VectorPixelStar > Alien Hieroglyph Font


I found this in my phone’s downloads from ages back…where is it from???ef6a55c510451f82c14f5cd7729513ba9f96e867_1_690x459