We really need to buckle down and solve this, you guys! I’ve been wracking my brain all night (and into the morning, now that I look at the clock…) and I’m still really stumped. I figure it might help to have one thread to collect every bit of information we can discern about this…

So, it has to be a location. We know that much. And it definitely looks like coordinates to me! I can’t find a real coordinate system that matches up with it though, so I’m starting to look at fictional coordinate systems to see if there’s one that will work for this.

Other context we have so far is radio broadcasts, the number 16, and some sort of vaguely scientific/military project.

Let’s brainstorm! :thunder_cloud_rain:

013D:0078:0724:0056 Found

would the d be there to signal units of some kind?


No, I think it’s just in hexadecimal format. Which isn’t really a thing you see in ‘real’ coordinate systems, which is why I’m looking at fictional examples from sci fi stuff (the stuff I can find at least)



so something like this?


No, not quite… More like, you know how in some videogames you can use hacks to warp yourself into different parts of a map? You have to represent the character on the screen as coordinates, and the fourth one could be, dunno, some sort of additional thing specific to the game? Or just a hash of some kind to verify the coordinates are valid.


I am sensing being able to make and use DLC for games is a good skill here :stuck_out_tongue: and sorry I am so thick-skulled - I just keep throwing out ideas to see if they splat or not


I’m pretty into video games, but I’m not too sure what you mean. I have a rough idea though. Do you know any games that have this location hack thing? :o


it’s okay! I’ve been gaming since as long as I could reach ‘wasd’ and the spacebar with one hand, so maybe I’m too immersed.


ahh, not that I can think of. Honestly it might be worth looking for outside help on this one?


Recruit the hacker known as 4chan? :thinking:


Hmm. Maybe I should ask game devs :thinking:
Oh wait. I think final fantasy xv had a location bug where you ended up in an unfinished part of the game, or so people thought at the time. I could be grasping at straws, but I only just thought of this xD


just because I am stubborn - is it something like this? http://www.wikihow.com/Teleport-in-Minecraft


Doesn’t minecraft use a 3 digit coordinate + hash, might be wrong on this though. It’s very late / early here in UK so my brain isn’t working as quickly as usual


I think it’s No Man’s Sky Coordinates

For example: http://nomanssky.gamepedia.com/Galactic_Hub_Project


someone try them :slight_smile:


holy hell, that looks like the right format for sure.


013d is the sancti system in NMS, I think we need someone in the NMS community for this


(From the NMS community) So, the problem with getting any information from a coordinate like this is that it leads to a pretty large region in space, not a specific star system. So without any additional info it’d be pretty hard to find anything without looking at every planet or moon in every star system in the region especially if we don’t even know what we’re looking for.


I hope they’re good at searching, then! :mag: