Phase 2 topic 2


Since the initial topic was getting quite large for any sane person to follow and we have lots of new folks here is a new topic for further discussion.

You can find all that has been found but our great citizen scientists in 2 major locations

A google doc created by Tobias, Gabi and Iyrsiiea (if you are in here let me know your usernames for proper credit)

And of course the folks at GD

Happy hunting for new facts and hope this helps

Phase 2 Reporting Thread

Balmoth! You got the falcon, carrier pigeons, courier, telegram and postcard I sent! Thanks for coming to the rescue!


cool, time for a break, be safe


You’ve just made a new thread to be flooded haha I mean the old one had over a thousand posts in just the past 24 hours

I’ll be creating a new thread shortly for the investigation into AkodoKusamoto video. Feel free to stop by. I’ll post all my findings/theories there.


So I played around with the hexadecimal looking string in brackets right after “Hello, Citizen Scientist” from the last mail. Hex to ASCII didn’t work, so I did ROT5 to the numbers, leaving the letters as they are, and converted to ASCII again.

Mine then says:




Are you sure there are sane persons around here? :wink:


Yep, here we go again, lets ask another time about the strange stuff on the project-wt map (are those islands?), the various whois commands (I didn’t read all this, but did you know /whois traveller talks about galaxies?) and other strange find (system . init will totally hang the site! seems legit amirite?)

Either way, happy spamming ya all, glad to see this place all alive again at least. :slight_smile:


Can someone get me a list of known emails for this ARG? Currently investigating email links in the command console. (Please see my thread on the investigation of AkodoKusamoto video for more info)


Look what the search button found me:
This is probably the most complete list out there.


Thanks so much! Sorry, I only became a member of Etarc yesterday. Still finding my way around.


Don’t mind me, I’m just going for Sarcasm Award. I suppose it’s bound to happen if I stay anywhere long enough. :slight_smile:


So Loop16 has been awakened, what are we working on now? Or just waiting for the calibration to complete?


It seems we’re waiting on the final code on, or at least a way to trigger it (which seems more likely)


The final code must somehow be linked to the chemical symbols and atomic numbers found on the outer disk image.


as above! there is still one more person somewhere out there who didn’t check his/her inbox or didn’t decode his/her message yet… who will be the winner?? :laughing:


That’s true! I had completely forgotten about that.

Edit: I took these as the odds ones out because they are the only uses of atomic numbers on the wheel.

So far:

NI - 28
AG - 47
HG - 80

this doesn’t really add up to the 7 characters given in in any unique code.

Another observation, the images in the email for the wheels direct to the website, but then again, so do all of the other images.


If you hover over the images and look at the URL it looks like it is tracking if people are clicking on those images as well. Not all images but most have unique URL’s.


Its the timestamp of the request sent when you clicked or something to that effect.


@frankx Oh, I’m very sorry, I thought you were referring to the image on bootsector, I see now you meant the emails, thanks for straightening that out :slight_smile:


Your unique user ID from the beginning of the email is included at the end of each.


Typed "Hibernate loop16"


This was already added to the DOC, just in case you missed it up the top. required reading :wink: I dont mean to imply you didnt read it, its very possible you overlooked it too while reading through, just though in case, I’d link to it anyway :smiley: