Phase 2 Azure Voyage

Azure voyage infos. Figured it is cleaner seeing as we were close to 1000 again haha.

Type azure in your console


Azure means bright blue in colour like a cloudless sky.


There is an H.P. Lovecraft story called The White Ship in which someone goes on a mystical voyage, following a celestial azure bird to a city of Hope, but when they pass through the mist-shrouded pillars they only find the edge of the world. It seems to connect with Waking Titan thematically, for instance:

But the bearded man said to me: “Beware of those perilous seas wherein men say Cathuria lies. In Sona-Nyl there is no pain nor death, but who can tell what lies beyond the basalt pillars of the West?”

full story text: "The White Ship" by H. P. Lovecraft


On the Azure page type in the code 7DD680F unlock the page.

can we get a round up of new commands on

status - azure voyage is updating
azure - link to a new “boot sequence” page

anything else?

from the source code, it seems like 2 blocks have been unlocked

I don’t recommend using already used codes, as it won’t unlock any new blocks


Also don’t recommend random code entering to force it as it takes away others enjoyment of getting the code to play the game.


The byte ids for this block of codes start exactly 1024 higher than the final id of the first block of codes.

I’m still trying to think of ways that these 28 bit values can be meaningfully converted to a stream of bytes.

Hey Guys!
Is there anything to do yet with that page?
I understood that we are currently waiting an email from OldGods, right? (just woke up xD)


I believe so. I was watching the season finale of my favorite youtube series then i saw this was goin on.

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I’m betting that someone stumbled into this, and it’s another stage we have to figure out. I’d suggest that no one puts in any more codes. Our Masters might even have to reset this in order for us to open it up piece by piece like we did the notepad image last weekend.


So hum yeah, I had a speculative timeline a few days ago, but by the looks of it, unless they speed things up significantly, there’s no way the update would drop on the 9th.

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Maybe Phase 3 is the update perhaps or maybe phase three will only be a few days (I don’t think so but one can dream) or maybe just maybe …The Gek are up to no good again

Edit: this is me from the future and I have to say its amazing the year 2052 , the update still hasn’t dropped yet but I haven’t given up hope , Many amazing things have happened but I cant go into to much detail but just know this … the community is awesome …I mean the show community not this place but still everyone has been awesome up to this point



Why aren’t we entering the code we were given to decode with our wheels? I thought that was going to be our individual code to use for each stage. I wish I had mine on me right now.

that code doesn’t work this time around. need the new puzzle with the new code. Someone worked out how to get them but we are pretty sure that we are meant to wait for the e-mails with instructions

there also seems like a lot more bytes to unlock this time?

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There is space in the source code for people to enter 1024 different seven-digit hex codes. In the one I have, two are already unlocked.

(edit) Each code appears to unlock a 39x51 pixel graphic image.

Are there any new images in the Google drive to help with this?

Same two pics, no change

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