In-Game ARG Activity

I found the following entry in the Reddit Waking Titan Megathread quite intriguing:

It made me realize that Hello Games does have a means to add an in-game component to the Waking Titan narrative right now, without any software update. The use of the Communications Stations. It seems obvious in hindsight, but it had not previously occurred to me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As a result of the above, I’ve tried entering the following commands at the WT terminal:

warning: invalid parameter
please try something else

sequence 43B-2G2K-2T16
Warning: input out of sequence
waiting for next in sequence

sequence 1
warning: invalid parameter
please try something else

sequence 11a-1a1b-1a11
warning: invalid parameter
please try something else

So, “sequence” is clearly a valid command, and one that is not previously mentioned as far as I know (e.g., not in the list here:

Also, it appears the parameter must have a particular syntax/semantic content, since 43B-2G2K-2T16 gives a different result than, for example, 11a-1a1b-1a11.

This seems a pretty exciting development to me! Perhaps a near future part of the ARG? Is this a feasible direction for it to move in? What do you think?

Only problem for me personally is that I’m still 165,000 light years from the center! :upside_down_face:

UPDATE: 2-Aug-2017 1:30PM EDT

New output from Waking Titan terminal STATUS command:

-// Subroutine Output Log //-

Traveller Proximity Detected.
Continue sequence retrieval.
Total units: 8

This appears to support the significance of the in-game find of the communication station under discussion in this post.

UPDATE: 2-Aug-2017 2:05pm-2:30pm EDT

More communication stations with sequence codes now discovered:

(“coordinates” Sequence “code sequence” “system name”)

  • 0469:0081:0D6D:0146 Sequence 43B-2G2K-2T16  [HUB-K-146] Newton
  • 0469:0081:0D6D:0045 Sequence L22-QY7Y-6014
  • 0469:0081:OD6D:019A Sequence AA2-327b-QG24
  • 0469:0081:OD6D:004D Sequence 1C1-80R1-JX3B
  • 0469:0081:OD6D:0024 Sequence 0H7-AA59-QK38
  • 0469:0081:OD6D:0165 (Sequence 5YY-W349-L200)
  • 0469:0081:OD6D:017E (Sequence 99J-U844-131Z)
  • 0469:0081:OD6D:017E (Sequence MBW-5651-P23K)

And now in terminal sequence order:

  1. 0469:0081:OD6D:0240 SEQUENCE 0H7-AA59-QK38
  2. 0469:0081:OD6D:0077 SEQUENCE MBW-5651-P23K
  3. 0469:0081:0D6D:0045 SEQUENCE L22-QY7Y-6014
  4. 0469:0081:0D6D:0146 SEQUENCE 43B-2G2K-2T16
  5. 0469:0081:OD6D:004D SEQUENCE 1C1-80R1-JX3B
  6. 0469:0081:OD6D:0165 SEQUENCE 5YY-W349-L200
  7. 0469:0081:OD6D:017E SEQUENCE 99J-U844-131Z
  8. 0469:0081:OD6D:019A SEQUENCE AA2-327B-QG24

UPDATE: 2-Aug-2017 2:37pm EDT

And the terminal responses:

Sequence : 0H7-AA59-QK38
Transmission 1 of 8

A Sentinel screams in the sand. It is still alive,
in spite of everything.

Artemis stares at it.

Sequence : MBW-5651-P23K
Transmission 2 of 8

Glitches, Nada had called them. Aberrations,
increasing in frequency the closer one moved
toward the centre.

But Artemis had no wish to go there. They were
looking for something.

Sequence : L22-QY7Y-6014
Transmission 3 of 8

There was no story to be told in the silence
of this universe. No race but the great triad, the Gek,
the Vy’keen, the Korvax.

Whatever Artemis was, they were alone.

Sequence : 43B-2G2K-2T16
Transmission 4 of 8

It started with a signal.

A voice cried out across the cosmos, and the
Traveller followed.

Sequence : 1C1-80R1-JX3B
Transmission 5 of 8

Artemis saw lights in the darkness, swarming about
them as they tried to rest. But Artemis knew that
the mind could deceive itself.

The next morning, they found the source of the signal.

Sequence : 5YY-W349-L200
Transmission 6 of 8

They had found the path. They had found the answer,
a price paid with their lives, their deaths.

Sequence : 99J-U844-131Z
Transmission 7 of 8

When they first reached out to the heavens, they had no idea
what to expect. The beauty. The mystery. The danger.

Sequence : AA2-327B-QG24
Transmission 8 of 8
Sequence complete

The Traveller stepped through the portal.

And somewhere, beyond all worlds, beyond all living things,
two digits screamed upon a terminal. 16, they said.

16, the universe trembled…


sequence 43B-2G2K-2T16 were did you get these from

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The guy in the reddit thread appears to have found it. Curious-er and curious-er.

yea because it says out of sequence I wonder he got the code for it

User ReapMyster on Reddit found it on a comm array located on an undiscovered planet in the Galactic Hub… It was placed there by ‘‘instance16status’’.

Well, shit…


From the Waking Titan Megathread link above. A player discovered the code as part of a message in a Communications Station on a previously undiscovered planet. The station was apparently placed by one “instance16status”.


weird how do you randomly find that the planets are so huge inless it was able to be found through the scanner

We know for sure it’s not trolling because it does input something in the WT console. It looks like we’re missing lines of the sequence that need to be entered in a certain order…

Perhaps we weren’t meant to find this so soon!

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Yes, it may very well be that someone stumbled into a later part of the Waking Titan process. Then again, they did say in the last memo that things were about to get a lot more challenging. :hushed:


Hoooly coooow. I remember reading rumors of people finding strange com balls around the hub waaaay back at the start of this whole thing. At the time I wrote them off as a hoax, or just some weird glitch and put it out of my mind. That was a thing right, or do I need another cup of coffee?

Yeah, the scanner can detect other players’ com balls.


Hahaha yes but I sincerely doubt that they meant by that ‘‘go on random planets and look for comms arrays’’. Especially with a sequence involved. When you look for needles in a haystack, you either use a magnet or set the haystack on fire… But we haven’t been provided with a hint towards the next haystack location yet…

Clearly, it’s got something to do with the next phase and it was just pure luck that a Citizen Scientist stumbled upon it.

never knew that probably because I never visit player found planets always skip over them

when in the world map you can scan for player discovered worlds and just scan all 600 billion of them you may finish before you die lol

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Yeah, something like this occurred in the beginning Second Glyph - Live Drop:
Which used Cafe Bene in New York City - We were given Cafe888 recently, which is since been left as UNused data.
I wonder if there’s a sequence or something to it?

Was there an in-game component to that? Or do you mean similar in the sense that something was discovered early, prior to that stage of the ARG commencing?

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When you enter a planet’s atmosphere, all communication stations on it become points of interest you can see on the horizon to travel to. He got very lucky finding the planet the comm was on, but then it was quite easy to find the comm.

I’m thinking these comms were placed for use later in the ARG, and we weren’t supposed to find them yet, but this guy stumbled onto one.

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It does, however, suggest that 1.3 will include some form of proper navigation.


yea they were probably going to give us coordinates later and yea I know when you scan they pop up just did not know it did it with player ones guess I will be visiting some discovered planets here in a minute

Would I be crazy to think that maybe… just maybe… These sequences have something to do with Atlas Pass V4 and separate designations? 8 total designations, and maybe 8 sequences to input in the correct order to unlock Calibration phase 2?

Plot thickens…

Guess we have to wait for a certain faithful mail day.