In-Game ARG Activity

I hope it is today this wait is killing me :smile:

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I’m not the first to suggest this, but phase 3 may involve some of us playing the game. And the designations may determine which teams we’re playing for.

That seems very likely to me. If you go to
and click the second icon on the left-hand side, you will see that there is now over 8 hubs found around the Euclid galaxy. It is possible they have hidden comm stations near many of them.


It’s been my impression for quite a while, too. Like designations will be teams but ultimately all teams will be working towards the same goal.

So maybe Mercury Process v1.3 will drop at the end of phase 2, and phase 3 will revolve around solving things inside the Mercury Process itself.

Timetable-wise, and what we think we know so far in regards to when the next update will be… It would make sense. At this pace, I just don’t see how we’ll have finished phase 2 by the end of august. We still got 3 locks on the project-wt page, 8 glyphs to go on wakingtitan… I just don’t see how we’re supposed to complete this by the end of august with the pace set by the puppetmaster so far.


EXACTLY. I was gonna say the same thing. Galactic Hub being the biggest of them all, and the O.G, and the one i’m currently located in… Could it be 16-A?

I’ve been starting to suspect that phase 3 will be open-ended. When the phase starts, all the answers will be available to us in the game, but it will be up to us to find them. It may take us past August to find them all, but they will have kept their promise to “conclude” Waking Titan in August because all glyphs and such will be unlocked at that time.

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So reckless scientists have created a simulation within a massive AI.

And the simulation has got out of control. Life on Earth, and possibly time itself, have been affected.

And the only solution is for us, all of us, to enter the simulation and sort it out.

I like it.


So this is our lore. The traveller’s lore. The role we play in this simulation… Can’t say I didn’t see it coming… But I like it too.

8 glyphs remaining.
8 APv4 designations.

Put on your tinfoil hats.


I didn’t say there are 8 hubs, I said there are OVER 8 hubs. Please don’t take my words out of context.

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My thoughts exactly. Seems they are on their own timetable and we’re stuck trying to wait patiently for the next step. Maybe the difficult part of phase two they mentioned is the waiting.

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My bad, Mac. Please don’t hate me. Edited posts :wink:

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Has anyone been back to the original loop16 error terminal to see if it has changed?

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Can we edit comm terminals messages? I’ve never tried this before and can’t verify right now as I don’t have access to my PS4. If it is a possibility then it looks worth a shot and i’m willing to try to make it there tonight if no one else feels like doing it sooner.

I don’t believe so, but you can just make a new terminal on the same planet.

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If you mean Communications Station, I have not been able to edit the message once set. Also, the station cannot be deleted. Which I suspect is a bug.

Right after I originally built my planet base, I thought I would be clever and use a Comm Station to keep track of beacon colors I had placed on the planet. Now I have a comm station that tells me:

“Blue - Heridium Purple - Observatory” every time I enter my base. Can’t update it and can’t get rid of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes this is exactly what I meant.

Damn you, Loop 15.


It worries me that this was found on PC like the last one. They better not stiff us PS4 players out of participating in the ARG :persevere:

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Building another comm station effectively overwrites the previous one, since other players can only see the one you built most recently.

Are you sure they didn’t just replicate the message on the PS4 server? Did anyone on PS4 ever go to the loop16 planet?