If the game doesn’t undergo any update, or we get a hint compeling us to do so, I would stay away… As the mad arab Abdul Azazred said, “you start by trying to open one of those damn portals, and next thing you know, your Tweeter is on fire”.


Yeah I’d say when they want us to go there, they’ll make it very apparent. It’s referred to within the ARG as the Mercury Process (not the Mercury Subroutine) so keep an eye out for mention of it :wink:


That said, I’m all about hearing any story if it remotely has to do with NMS…


It is taboo? Why on earth is it taboo?






I don’t think anything is taboo per se, but people don’t like to have their threads spammed I guess… however, now you created a new thread only for this so just go for it!!

whatever puzzles can be posted and solved, that helps us progress overall, is good for waking titan!


I think there is the basis of a puzzle in the game: the portals, the hologram rooms with red star, 3 planets, and 3 moons, and the etchings on monoliths that seem to be stars and planets as well.

However, after watching many, many youtubers livestream their attempts at opening portals, and my own attempts as well, I have concluded that there is curently no solution to these puzzles and no way to open portals.

This ARG is the next step in finally completing the puzzles they started a year ago.


Taboo - No. Impractical - Yes. Waking Titan, as an ARG has many participants that do not play NMS. I have seen in forums that quite a few of them have no interest in NMS. If Waking Titan begins to require in game work many participants will be left by the wayside. I hope that doesn’t happen.


I think the glyphs it refers to are the ones on wakingtitan.com. We still don’t know the glyphs as in, we have ten more to unlock, when the last glyph is unlocked by the community, portals will probably open.

I reckon CSD missions will make it very obvious what we’re to do when the time comes and they’ll most likely refer to it as going into the Mercury Process.

Also as of right now, theres no puzzles that need solutions aside from submitting photos, nothing you find in game is going to help you get past that and nobody is opening any portals by any means until 1.3 has landed.

If theres a hotfix or a new patch before 1.3, then that would be the time to go searching for some new working mechanic. Only thing they can do without patching is add things server side that users upload like saved bases or messages etc.


They’ve already included at least one puzzle that required the use of No Man’s Sky - the code in the communications station.

And if you don’t have a fair understanding of No Man’s Sky lore, very little of what’s coming up in the ARG now is going to make any sense at all.


See…? Now we have speculation based on speculation about your speculation… You might asswell post your speculation and have the speculation end, and or begin.


Exactly, but this was something small and server side that can be done without requiring a patch or update, and theres a reason it was on the PC version and not the PS4 version, no doubt due to some security policy with the PSN. To have portals suddenly function wont happen without an update. And as for the initial clue found within Mercury Process (ARGs codename for NMS) we more or less had agents working for the atlas foundation point at it with a big blinking arrow, if we need to enter mercury process again to find something, I think they’ll make it very obvious.

Saying that, every time I’ve played NMS the last while, I’ve been asking random npcs and sentinels if they know where Emily is. Cos who doesnt love a bit of immersion.

So, @DuckDuck I would say keep doing what you are doing, get immersed, the call will come soon and you will be more than ready for it when it does.

I’d join you only I havent seen a portal in MONTHS, let alone not even once since I started playing my PC copy. Though my base on my ps4 casual save is near one, I havent been back to visit in months due to my permadeath save and now of course, my pc playthrough.