My thougts about NMS waking titan update

This is what i think about the update. I think they still working on it. And if its free as we all asume they can release it whenever and however they want. Its their game. And while we are waiting they gave us the ARG. … OK. I belive we missed something concerning the mirror-phoenix code thingy here.
They are not giving us any more clues atm cus they still need time working on the update… they want us to figure it out ourselfs!
They (Elizabeth) said this phase was gonna be hard right?? So lets team up as the community we are and show Hello games that we still love their game by solving this !! Come on guys!

I dont think they are waiting for us to solve this so we can get the update. We need to solve this so we can go further in the ARG! Who knows, there may be a hidden new screenshot right behind the mirror… just saying.

They are building a version outside the atlas simulation. A world without travelers as glitches. In a world we can fight side by side against the Sentinals! The true place where our “history” still is going on. The battles! The world of glass… I think we are all put in this broken simulation together, like in a dark cage. The truth is hidden on the otherside. When this ARG is complete… When the cage opens up… when the phoenix rises. We rise!! TAM TAM TAAAM!!

This is and has always been the idea of the game, thats why the update will be free. THIS is gonna show everyone Sean was trying to tell the truth! This is why they say the loss of trees on lush planets is a bug. They want to keep it “simulated” until the simulation walls crumbles.

Or we all may just need to sleep… idk sry … im a Swede. And no, i dont like pewdiepie


That has been my thought as well. I keep trying to wrap my non-puzzle-loving brain around it to no avail. Pass the tin hat. lol


Man that sounds awesome


I wonder if they are just really big readers of Avram Davidson because he wrote a book called “The Phoenix and the Mirror” that was a journey to create a magic mirror that had him travelling to find copper and some other ores that make it that took him a very long journey to find everything he needed. I never finished the book but it was a decent read.


The Phoenix and the Mirror is a medieval fantasy series rather than SciFi. I’m not saying you are wrong. though, since stories can be inspired by any genre, and often the best ones are.

I just ordered TPatM, btw, so thank you. ;`)


That does sound very NMS.
Long journeys to find stuff needed for building things.

On a side note; I keep wondering…
Are we meant to be scouring the hub or somewhere obvious for another comm clue or something…? In the discoveries log, it still looks as if some locations are not yet fully explored & there is nothing stopping HG from slipping in & placing a comm somewhere. I believe they did something similar back, before I joined the Waking Titan investigation.
I can’t help feel the delay is because we are missing something…but what???


I think the short flareup of activity was really just preparation. No, the update obviously isn’t ready yet, but they didn’t intend it to be. They highlighted the delivery of the atlas passes, and they had a questionaire to check what kind of activities and difficulty the community would be most interested in for the next phase of Waking Titan. That to me is a pretty strong hint that the activities of the ARG itself weren’t even planned out at that stage, but that HG now have an approximate horizon of when they’ll be done with the update, and told Alice&Smith to get the ARG ready until some 2 months before that. Meaning, I’d expect the update some two months after the ARG actually picks up again, similar to last time. I have by now no doubt that 1.4 is being skipped because the features couldn’t be sufficiently divided to make sense except all in one package (don’t I know that problem, sigh).

For now, I really don’t think there’s much more to do other than twiddling thumbs, exploring a few more planets, and playing subnautica…


Subnautica intrigues me. I’ve watched a number of YT vids, but I can’t stop playing NMS. I love the solitude and exploration in spite of the annoyances, but also while waiting for the ARG, I’m playing a little of the Astroneer game I got for Christmas and enjoying that for it’s own sake


You should definitely give it a go. It does “solitary exploration of one specific, but very fascinating planet” really, really well. Also I can’t shake the feeling that HG was looking at subnauticas base building very closely when they implemented their system.
It can get quite a bit more scary and claustrophobic than NMS, though.


Maybe MMS could us more moments of fear as well. I would like that


I’ve played quite a bit of both, and definitely NMS could benefit from the mystery and suspenseful atmosphere that Subnautica has. The problem is implementing that into a procedurally generated universe, as opposed to the carefully designed environment of Subnautica…

Still, just imagine wandering a planet in NMS at night, fog creeping in around you, your flashlight barely illuminating the ground in front of you, and you keep hearing a strange clicking sound… just imagine if it was some huge, scary creature you had never seen before and not just another angry crab that moves too fast to shoot.


Take this with a grain of salt. Remember this is just a theory, but:

Mirror = HG had some time to reflect on self examine what NMS is, and it needs.

Phoenix = After reflecting, a decision was made for a rebirth of NMS.

Sleep =Iit’s going to be awhile, so they’re telling us to rest up cause the ARG won’t be back for awhile and want us to not get tired of it so we can be ready for it when it comes back.

Why this theory appears to make sence:

“Waking” titan was a busy time for the ARG with little time between some action.

“Phoenix”, well they reset the universe once already for improvements that seemed like it wasn’t much(could be holding back)

“Sleep” was thrown out before a long delay.

“1.5” is quite a jump from 1.3

Now, i also believe it is two-fold and is in-game related as well.(such as a “waking up” cutscene after creating a character, or getting a procedural character)


I know that several elements from the previous ARG remain unsolved, unresolved and unguessed. I’ve been hoping that some of the brain trusts of the community would pick up those puzzle pieces and keep working on them, but so far they haven’t. It’s a shame that we get wrapped up in problems when they’re right in front of us and solving them nets us a nice prize. But the ARG ended, and so did almost all the interest in the enigma which veils the secrets of this alternate universe we involve ourselves in. That we say we want to understand and know its secrets. I’ve been wanting to resurrect an old thread in which I prattled on and on about the weird clues we grappled with and got nowhere with, but work has been exhausting to the point I want to retire early from it. I barely have the energy to game much anymore, let alone try to ponder some insane alternate reality run by people with an agenda we barely understand. And what happened to them.

Maybe I should do that this weekend, but I’m addicted to that other universe and its worlds. I’m hoping one time, I’ll go to that ancient machine tended to by Nada and Polo and be able to communicate with Artemis again. I can’t find the communication towers anymore, and I KNOW I used them several times…

Maybe the hints of lore are right and I’m flawed. I don’t know. I just know that… I want to know, to understand. To believe that there’s a purpose for all this, that we aren’t just the by-product of an experiment. I want to find THAT GIRL and join lives. Oh well, maybe I’ll find that ship I lost, and a better Omnitool in the meantime.


Maybe Phoenix refers to this…

Yes, I know it could be referencing the Atlas (thingy) but what if it isn’t? And the Precursor Species is rising up from its ashes (Phoenix-like) to enter the NMS universes once again?! -)



This game still has so many riddles. Look at all the new stuff we can make with the right ingredients.
I found the blueprint for a stasis device to keep lifeforms alive for thousands of years longer than their normal lifespan. To make this I need a quantum processor, a cryogenic chamber and irredesite. Well if am able to make that, I am ready to go to sleep for a long long time lol


You mean something bigger than the atlas. I ask my, self why did the travelers get wiped out? It couldn’t be atlas when it created us. Something else major had to have happened.


That is exactly the theory I thought about even before 1.3.

I guess there’s is got to be something bigger in No Man’s Sky, especially with the traveller Lore, and all those creepy creatures inside the abandoned buildings.

Having a second thought about it makes me believe that we don’t know much about those creepy plants.
What are they?
Are they involved about the so-called interstellar power / Infinite knowledge? Why can we only find them inside the abandoned buildings? I can’t imagine those plants taking over all the planets? How would a plant colonize every-single-planet in No Man’s Sky? Unless someone or something created them?

The Crimson Orb:
“I can’t help but picture what it would have looked like alive.”
“I found evidence of past life here, but no signs of it”



I was thinking the same but more of a preventive measure to protect the data in the terminal


oh so like a kind of friend? Someone or something collaborating with the Atlas?


Yeah maybe helping use with out getting his/hers/it’s hands dirty