WAKING TITAN/NMS UPDATE SPECULATION [Thoughts on what will come + some wishlisitng]

Okay guys, wanted to get my thoughts out there on some of the things I suspect might appear in the next update at the end of this crazy ARG adventure! I’d love to see other peoples guesses or most wanted features/updates! Of course this is pure speculation and wishlisitng :smiley:

Player interaction (not full MP) e.g trade via depot’s buildings or an exchange menu where you can list items and trade with other players.

Improved Variation Better terrain and world generation with further improvements to flora/fauna variety. My honest guess would be the algorithm tweaks are the main area where change and work has been put in, possibly even to such an extent that we will need a universe reset/reboot. Think closer to trailer type generation.

Portals We are pretty sure a portal update will happen (due to the tapes etc) my guess would be Portals either being a) travel to some sort of hub type area where you can interact with other players in a limited fashion (think a lobby type area) or b) Time travel - Portals would take us back to an earlier/future version of the current system/planet and this would have big changes to what the world is like.

Ship Building/Customisation I’m expecting some sort of customisation or ship building features.

The things I additionally want to see (wishlisting more than genuine expectation):

Proper Submersible Vehicles (think Seamoth from Subnautica).

Amphibious Creatures Think huge croc like creatures, lizards, seals, snakes etc… seeing them enter or leave the oceans would be awesome!

Flying & Land Creatures Again seeing some of the winged creatures land or land creatures with wings take off and fly would be great!


Lots of very wanted things, but something to which I got a hint, was a better Galaxy-navigation system…
On that, what I would expect/want:

-Destination pick from your list of discoveries. (Any discovery, creature or planet uploaded to Atlas showing an "E to mark destination on map, option)
-Path log. A historical of our errands as a line on the star-map… Waypoints, or even an overlay showing the names of the stars we have visited… The more it would be listed about our own adventure, the better.


I’d add a planet side map as well, the kind that only unlocks as you explore that area etc… could be cool!


Would be nice… A proper planetary map with a “Fog of War” system that would encourage cartographic gameplay, where you could outline discovered ruins, portals, bases, trading-posts, etc.

Also thinking “transluminal” connection to our message pods, so we can tele-update or review, at least, the logs we left behind in our path. Would allow for “Chat-pods” or the “soft-multiplayer” option of “trade-pods”.

On that soft-multiplayer side… I’d like our ship and cruiser seeds (specific model) to be tracked by the system and spawned on the appropriate location the player is at, as a unique NPC that while zipping around randomly as any other, would be unique, named, and give us in a couple of bits, the chance to “meet” other players.
If trading becomes a thing, the intersecting presence of the other player’s freighter could spawn by the space-station as a granted trading location.

Here’s hoping…


These are not all the features I want, but these are the features I think are coming in the next update based on the 5 glyphs we have unlocked on wakingtitan.com. I think these glyphs represent 5 features they are working on.

  1. The sun rising over water: This could symbolize changed planet generation or planet rotation being reinstated.

  2. The triangle symbol: This could be a symbol of the three races in No Man’s Sky and means we will have improved effects from faction standing and interaction with NPCs.

  3. The starship symbol: This could represent ship-building or ship customization being added, or improvements to space combat.

  4. The (maybe) monolith symbol: I think the 4th glyph is a monolith, so this could mean we may have new ruin buildings, or new buildings in general (including functional portals), and changes to lore.

  5. The airship symbol: I think this represents freighters and could mean we will have additional control over our freighter, such as driving it, warping with it, and using it in combat.

In case you are wondering: No I don’t think the other 10 glyphs will be unlocked until after the next update, and yes I think they will represent changes to the game that will come in future updates.


I hope they add the scavenging of crashed ships back in. I loved traveling the universe being the scrap man hunting the crashed ships for treasure lol. They kinda killed that whole aspect of the game. Hopefully they will incorporate that into something like ship customizing. You would have to hunt down crashed ships to scan for blueprints and salvage the parts and materials to be able to modify you personal ship.

Also a decent galaxy map and more unique animals, plants and biomes to discover and explore.


The main clues have been portals and the picture of some kind of in-game asset. That and whatever they are working on is taking longer than the last updates. I try to expect little and be pleasantly surprised. Though it is fun to imagine all they could to with it.

If Waking Titan is the prequel to NMS then our success or failure, depending on their motives, may mean NMS ceases to exist.


I suspect the bulk of the work has gone into improving the generation and algorithms and that everything else will be cool extras like the last 2 updates (ship building, portals etc…).

Gut feeling would be that while we will get some cool new stuff the main change will be a drastic improvement to worlds and life in the game (better terrain, loads more variety and so on). The Myriad 70 site gave me the vibe that it was alluding to the need for a reset/reboot which would fit with them reworking the core algo etc in a new build of the game.

I could of course be completely wrong :stuck_out_tongue: Whatever they do I know I’m going to love it :smiley:


Consider that all previous two updates ment a full reshuffle of the universe… Three if we consider launch-day patch, they warning us of again a clean slate regenerated galaxy do not imply changes beyond the kind we already got.

Not to rain down on any parade… But… considering even adding a new type of grass to the list of procedural objects that can be generated, already changes everything from creatures to plants present, to the color of a planet… implying from that they are getting ready for a reset/reboot/relaunch seems to me just hype for the sake of it.

Or that there will be a fourth race.


Pathfinder update did not regenerate the universe. I have videos of my base and the planet it was on before and after the update and everything is identical including the trees surrounding my base.

They made big rocks yeild detritum and depots give armadium in Pathfinder, but that did not require a reset of the universe and planet terrain.


There hasn’t ever been a reset/reboot before but it is something Sean said early on they would do if it was needed/made sense. I’m not saying there will certainly be one of course but a lot of the wording on Myriad mentioned reboot/reset being required as the current system capacity was not great enough for the new model etc…

I genuinely believe that whatever changes they add with things like portals etc there will also be improvements to the more basic aspects like generation and variety which would be a good reason for a reset being needed. It does also fit with the fact that all progress on the current build stopped a while back.

They’d need a square for that :yum:

Actually, the fourth glyph has four triangles in it. One is the core, and might mean something… one race which gets along with all the others… a diplomatic race?

I’ll ponder my expectations and wants later, it’s really later now. :weary:

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Foundation Update WAS a reset to the universe. All terrain and planets were changed. Terrain resources like Heridium changed from rectangular prism to oval nuggets, Nickel changed from columns to arches, etc. All the plant resources were added to planets (Temerium, Spadonium, Candensium, Coryzagen, Fervidium). The Habitable Base building was added to most planets. All buildings were removed from lifeless planets.

Some people seem to think the Pathfinder update was bigger than Foundation, but this simply isn’t true. Foundation completely regenerated the universe and changed everything.

I was not aware of that! Did people lose progress etc and have to restart the game with Foundation?

Nope, I was moved from the planet my character was on to the space station of that star system, so that nothing weird would happen to me. All my possessions and progress in the galaxy were preserved.

Some discoveries were lost though. For instance, I went to a cold weather planet that someone had discovered before foundation. The plants on the discovery list were from a toxic planet. So since the planet had changed type, the discoveries the player had made no longer existed on that planet (the planet still had the name they had given it though).

I’m with you on most of that, but I have a slightly different interpretation of two glyphs. I think the fourth glyph is a “weird creature”, hinting at more weird creatures, and the fifth is a whale, hinting at more sea creatures and/or improved submerged biomes (hate to call it “under water”, since clearly not all liquids are water, judging by the temperature).

In any case, I did some hypothesizing a while ago when things were still discussed over on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/6gd9wf/waking_titan_megathread/djc0yto/

So far nothing has really happened to strenghten that hypothesis, though. I do believe the glyphs all refer to specific areas of the game that are going to be updated. As for the order… I’m really not sure. Programmatically speaking, introducing more variety in the creatures tree will lead to all the creatures changing. It wouldn’t make much sense to drop those piecemeal. And there is the little fact that the artists didn’t really have all that much to do since foundation. The three vehicle models for pathfinder certainly didn’t take them 3 months. So they had to be doing something we’re not aware of for at least 6 months now…


Soooo… nobody mentioned adding more to the lore of the game? Learning more about what happened and about the various races?

Also hello… first time poster here…


Hey TC, I’m new here too. By the way, I’ve been asking for all kinds of Lore oriented changes to NMS all over the nets, and to Hello Games themselves. Since what we’ll actually get outside of working portals will probably be a surprise, here are some of my requests, bolded if lots of text bores some of you.

  • A real working galactic Map which we can mark with a NUMBER of waypoints. I’ve only used one so far to mark my world of “origin” since early indications were the waypoints were buggy. Along with this, I want to see some kind of world map marking points of interest we discover I seriously hate loosing track of trading posts, outposts, etc, an woul rather not drop a marker each time.
  • MORE LORE! And that the Lore is more involved with making discoveries, finding historical locations, secrets, etc. I want this galaxy to have more of a history. Right now, the Lore is kind of window dressing as much as anything. There are SO MANY things mentioned in the Lore that are off in the Nothing somewhere. I WANT TO GO THERE!
  • I want to know more about the First Race. There has to be more to them than just Monoliths, and I’d like to see something more to the Monoliths as well.
  • The three races (maybe four, post Update) have more of an involvement in the galaxy. Interactions have more consequences with these guys. Maybe a By’keen confronts me and asks if it’s true I’m friends with those stinky toady Gek, and it has an effect with their dealings depending on how I answer. I’d like to see the races have some sort of goals of their own. The Vy’keen want war with the Gek, the Gek want to scour the galaxy for technology to help in their defense, the Korvax want to negotiate peace, and all three want my help. Or the Vy’keen want to wage a new war against the Sentinels and ultimately Atlas, the Gek might want to deal arms to them to make a profit, the Korvax want to prevent that… etc.
  • One thing I don’t want, for the fourth race to be a bunch of Klingons causing trouble. We already have the Vy’keen for that. I want some intrigue with these guys, learn about them, their history and intentions, where they came from, get new tech from them, see how they fit in with these other three. Be like Egyptians. A feloid race would be good for that.
  • Homeworlds! These races started somewhere. I know Sean doesn’t want cities, or didn’t at the start, but these races came from some sort of home planet. I want to know where they are and visit them. They will have cities. Yes, building and populating them would be a hassle, so make them background dressing as in the Ratchet & Clank games. Have a trading post we can visit with a few NPCs. Buy and sell gear, tech, ships. Have terminals we can learn information and history, upload our own discoveries - cause consternation with the Hirk followers if we so choose.
  • Have the races be more alive around the galaxy with NPCs. I also want more NPCs at space stations, outposts and other installations. These guys will have something to do, some sort of goals and purpose. They could offer us small quests, to scavenge resources or tech for rewards, deliver packages, etc. We could keep it for ourselves and earn their wrath!
  • I would like a side quest where we can choose to join the Vy’keen in opposing the Sentinels and possibly Atlas. I just don’t like them or trust them, and the Sentinels did wipe out at least one race… possibly Earth? DIE!!1#$
  • To culminate all the above under one umbrella, more of a story to tie it all together. Being completely off the rails is good, but none of the history has any real meaning in the world. The locations don’t exist, it doesn’t tie into any quests, except for the mechanic we hire to enable us to build the rover craft, and that just one small event. Just to repeat, I want “his-story” to also be something to pursue in the game. It may mean locations strewn all across the galaxy, or maybe it’s repeated in sectors of it so we aren’t spending a lifetime trying to get to them all, but give us something like this.
  • I want ways to make lots of money that aren’t a bleeding grind.
  • I want more than one Multitool. And ship. The game still acts like it’s going to take mine, so I haven’t even tried buying another yet.
  • Ship Modification. Adding more space if nothing else. But dag nab it, I would be in 11th Heaven if I could build a ship myself and paint it the way I want (decals, etc).
  • I want the Waking Titan ARG to figure into the game somehow.

Well, got to go celebrate in a bit. Happy 4th of July, fellow yanks! :grinning: