All of my predictions for 1.3 as well as all of my dream features in an ideal world!


Luckily I have 22 minutes to kill!


:smiley: Hope you like it! Would love to see some thoughts and theories in the comments!

The portal going to an ancient or future version(Or multiple times) of the planet is one of my prevailing theories, especially on dead or irradiated planets. Walk through the portal on a dead planet, get greeted by an Ice Planet, or a Irradiated planet onto a lush planet. If there is a changing timeline for planets, I wonder if it would be possible to have time affect the stars as well. Though a fun thought I’ve had, is it would be cool if the portals took you to the homeworlds of the Korvax, Vy’Keen and Gek before they were destroyed. Or if the bring you to a multiplayer universe. The cynic in me cam up with a theory last night, that the portals originally were for travelling back to a previous planet, but our expectations became so out there that HG decided to pull the feature, and implement something far better than their intended use. Which is why they remain active in game, but the trigger has been removed because of the space station portals. But that cynical side usually goes away after a little while.

As for your trading idea, I think it would be great. It would be fascinating if they could devise a situation where you had to trade for resources that you can’t find in your region of the real world. That would add to the incentive to trade, and play as many different times of the day.

I really want to see Earth Quakes, If there are floating rocks, actually have them floating/moving. Deeper caverns and gorges. Taller mountains, and volcanoes with ‘Lava Flows’. More size and variation of flora and fauna per planet for sure. They have a massive library of assets at this point. Amphibious creatures for sure, as well as creatures in the trees. A wish list for me would be Terra Forming, or Seeding. Imagine being able to go through a portal(if the above happened) on a barren with an inventory of seeds and start planting the seeds. The ability to create my own discover-able planet or system was an initial theory of mine for the Atlas path. This could be a way of allowing the player just that.

I would love for there to be proper scavenging of ships, with freighters on the ground that you could explore. To be able to mod your ships, freighters and Multi tools. A player could use their scanner to scan one portion of the downed ship only, and be able to take that. Tihs may require a complete overhaul of the Multi tool, to be able to upgrade specific parts of it. If they ever could implement something like Horizon Zero Dawn did, with breaking parts off the enemy for harvest that would be cool. This would require more variety of Sentinels (a couple more walkers, an aquatic variety, new models for different types of planets) It would also be rad to see Walkers and 4 leggers wandering around. Much like it would be awesome to warp into a galaxy that is being overrun by Sentinel stations and an actual war going on.

Being able to fly around the Suns would be great too, or proper Orbits for the planets/moons.

Also, I am not a PC player(unless I get a code for the subroutine :wink: ), so no mods for me.

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nice video!
While the first updates were great (love the ground vehicles) I remember the bases and freighter owning stuff being talked about by HG just before the game launched. This feels like it should be the first update where HG has had the wants/requests and feedback from the community as a whole. Thats what gets me excited (by not too hyped…)
Personally I want to see a titanic sized creatures, I mean, this is Waking Titan after all :wink:

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Nice video! And holy cow, do you use any mods? Because this terrain generation in the gameplay looks outstandingly beautiful.

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Spoiler Alert - Portals only take you to the underground basement of sean murray where you have to have tea and talk math with him


Thanks! Nope, PS4 player and they are all clips from my recent episodes :smiley: I have an unbelievable amount of luck in this game!

Sounds great!

Yeah I think this one will be a great update whatever it actually ends up being! Giant creatures would be awesome! Like horizon blocking colossal ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we are all agreed these would be amazing additions! I can’t wait to see how much/if any of this gets implemented but I also think there will be a few surprises none of us expect which is an exciting thought in itself :stuck_out_tongue: Man the floating rocks and lava would be so awesome and I hadn’t thought of creatures in the trees but that too would be incredible! So many cool little possibilities!

All of your in the ideas in the last paragraph are great too, I haven’t focused on that as much (can’t even afford a freighter yet) but thinking about how deep all of that could end up being is pretty cool and I have no doubt combat will be changing for 1.3.

Not long to wait now! :smiley:

Light…light…light, my eyes receive. I am in a room, terminals are everywhere, and pictures of my discoveries… and small models of ship I have left behind. There are beings frozen in time in mid action, fifteen I count. All but one he shrugs and smiles. He sits there ever silent and offers me to come sit and have a cup of tea.

  • Sit with the shrugging god, and have a cup a tea. (2+ NipNip)
  • Run to nearest terminal, and write a review. (1 bypass chip)
  • Other? (Comment)

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It would be rude to say no to the tea

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space combat is terrible

With the end of WT the last screenshot was revealed.
It is nice but - compared to the tension building-up during the twitch broadcast - some would say it is not much of an ending… (is it really an ending?)
BUT that’s the point! That screenshot could mean a lot! See all those glowing glyphs?!

For instance: pinning-in a code and reach ANY place in the Multiverse, how would that be?!

Wanna pay a visit to your friends’ bases? well you just need the glyph-address, and boom thru a worm hole you go… don’t forget the NipNip juice.
Loved a planet and want to go back every now and then: just keep the glyph-coordinates.

But why not one step further: Does the screenshot mean that we could see our friends when paying them a visit… organise family reunions… it could just be that we are the 4th race, that this was the skin of our avatar, i.e. how we would see other players… How would that sound?!

SM, the Titan-God, shall wake up in less than 24h and tell us it I’m talking nonsense… or NOT!!!

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