Original HG Trailer Planets Found

Serius Gamer discovered the Planets from the original trailers are now present in the WT console, and the email does say it takes us too locations, so thats interesting

whois soleth prime
whois oria v
whois yassrij
whois gorogohl

These could be hand crafted planets that are part of the new Lore/Story/Mystery


They have been present in the WT console since phase 2. The problem is that they do not list actual locations, and until they do, we cannot visit them, or even say if they’re actually in our version of the game.

Portals might be a way to go there though, I agree that it would certainly be very nice if that happened. But at the same time, I somewhat doubt it. We’ll see soon enough either way. :slight_smile:

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I think every trailer but the very first one, and the brief glimpse of the world with the big sand worms, featured planets from the universe, so I’m sure they exist. They’re not that outlandish, and I encountered a moon with floating wormlike critters.

Why would they hand craft any planets.I think it’s a cool nod to NMS beginnings and that’s it.

Sandworms confirmed. Take it to the bank.

I think we’ll either find the portal coordinates in-game or the console will be updated (only 41% of the WHOIS database is loaded, remember)

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