Already named planets

If you were like me I adopted the HUB’s way of naming systems and planets. With this update all of that data is now Wrong! I use to be worried that I misspelled or accidentally hit the save button before I was done with some of the names. Now ALL of the information, about what race lives there, what the conditions on the surface was, is completely wrong. Planets that were indicated to be safe paradises with lots of rigogen are now hell fire death traps. Any Ideas on how to fix this (maybe for a short time HG can open up renaming so we can correct the races and strip off all surface descriptions)? And what do we do in the future for collective zones (HUBs).



civilizations rise and die. this one was attacked by some glitch, mixing up things completely. it’s time to find a good name for this cosmos area and go find new home. something like that. probably.

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Oh dear… this is funny in a tragic sort of way. It seems that Sean has inadvertently vexed almost everyone in some way with this incredible - and sometimes incredibly frooked - update. And sometimes it’s just dumb brain dead stuff like changing the NPC interaction interface which worked wonderfully, or adding those irritating strobing arrows on our ship’s front windshield. Why on earth they would do that to you guys, especially with worlds in HUBs, the one die hard bunch in his corner, boggles my mind.

But… updates can be updated… and hopefully very soon! :sweat_smile:

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This. I think its time to move

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Admittedly I always used creative names that merely suggested at what a system might be like so that’s not going to frustrate any who comes behind me too much.
The planets are a different matter.

What’s really strange about stuff like this is that I went to my origin system last night to reminisce, and things were changing. This was really late, so I wouldn’t be surprised if HG was making changes to the data on the servers, and it was leaking into our gameplay. Anyhow, the planets were the same, had the same names and all, most of the resources, but had been drastically upgraded graphically and as far as features on the world. It was still a Vy’keen system, but half the ships were different, some of the NPCs were too, but all of them had different bodies. Maybe it’s that they wanted to jazz up worlds closer to the Center, and nudged the algorithms to make it so. But it got carried away and turned worlds into something radically different.

Another thing that struck me is how utterly dangerous things are now. My new fighter was loaded up with all the best upgrades, and pirates didn’t last more than half a minute last night. Today though, I had my hands full. The stats on all my ships had been pretty much cut in half, but good grief, it felt like my first week when I died two or three times in battles. I quit out rather than see what dying means in 1.3. And my suit is the same way. Yesterday I could wrestle grizzlies and win. Today, three deer-like things jumped me and all three nearly killed me! Now it seems you just shoot predators because they’re going to attack you anyway. And now even the Sentinels seem more trigger happy.

Oh, another fun fact: my Autonomous Mining Units are no longer autonomous. They need tending to and refueling. GRAH!!

Did some knot head think we all needed to experience the joys of Survival Mode together or what?? I seriously think their rebalancing needs some rebalancing. :disappointed_relieved:

Perhaps from noq on ALL systems should be named starting with the prefix ‘1.3’
That way we know if the suggested name is standard generic, old (and likely wrong) or new and trustworthy.

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badass nickname,
sorry thats all there is