PS4 1.3 Update and First Play... your impressions


So what do you think of 1.3. We know it’s a huge patch. What do you think of it???
7.232GB !
Once you’ve had a go, come back here and tell us what you thought of the new and improved Mercury Process.

Update 1.3 Patch Notes - Discussion

how many more minutes for your download :stuck_out_tongue:


Naturally my ps4 had a system update first…i think i will pack it up and head to my bros house, he has land line


I made sure mine was downloading on ps4 but have to work today so wont be able to check it out till this evening.


30min…now I know why WT was slowly dragged out. It was training.
I can’t friggin sit still I’m that pumped…lol.


I was gonna watch someone streaming 1.3, but that takes valuable MBs, such a dilemma!


Im hunched over & peering at a phone thats dead on a charger because Im not touching the pc.



less than a minute, then I’m gonna take a trip in my brand new rocket ship :sunglasses:


Beanbag.check. sustenance.check. remote handy.check. footrest.check.
hype.utterly unchecked…
all systems are go…
t.minus 2 minutes.
See yiz all…in a while…


first impression… Wow. lots of little graphic changes really add up - no spoilers, wait til you hop in you ship :sunglasses:

looks like a winner to me - thanks HG


rest of us be like


new low flight - yay, surface collided several times already :smile: - and oh so handy, can summon your primary ship via the d-pad :+1:

spoiler alert


So is it out on PC yet I don’t have a download


No, Playstation only (you know, those guys that were complaining all the time that PC gets the better deal everywhere, and begging HG to pleaaaaaaaase also make this patch for PS, those guys…) :stuck_out_tongue:

Steam users will have to wait until whatever steam services update/get approved/etc.


O well it’s also the preview weekend of path of fire for guild wars so I got plenty to do lol but o man I need to design a planet with some crazy stuff maybe make a space race track with canyon and stuff you can fly through


My PS4 didn’t auto update :sob::sob::sob: another hour…



Controller: CHARGED
Shower: TAKEN
Comm tech: DISABLED
Social life: SLEEP MODE




Well… I fired up the update on my old save and ended up a babe lost in the woods. Lots of alterations meaning what I thought I knew, I dont know. Tech I did know, I’ve now forgotten and must relearn?
Most of my base was intact. Still got my ships. My paradise planet is now an icey wilderness.
I feel like a refugee scrabbling to pick up the pieces.
I’ve certainly got some working out to do.
The visuals and music are great and I feel the controller adjustments are adaptable. Was tricky first flight out getting picked on by a pirate.
But due to my restricted arrangement relearning everything I can’t really explore but what I’ve seen looks stunning. Can’t wait to look further than my home (well was) system.

One oddity is the loss of internet connectivity in the game. Not sure whats going on there? PS4 is good but the game can’t connect? Servers???


I cant wait to Play too!!! Still have to wait a couple of hours :expressionless:
I guess the PS4 Hello Games Server are overrun with Players at the moment:grin: