1.34 dropped


400MB on ps4, talk about it?


Patch notes:


Fixed an issue where large numbers of portal visits would be added to save files, greatly increasing the save size and impeding the ability to save the game.

ok, so that explains why my game wouldn’t save, i saw a streamer restart their whole game because of that, he shoulda waited a day :confused:


Thanks for the heads up. Gonna go see if its ready on Steam now… :pray:


it’s also on steam, ~50mb. If you don’t have it yet, restart your steam client and you’ll probably get it automatically.


Same as experimental number version… (on steam)
It has still an issue with fov/zoom in cockpit during incoming intercoms (Characters don’t display in full, only their right arm is visible). Hope they’ll fix that in 1.35

Edit: It is their left arm, “indeed”.


Has anyone else been having these issues?
Since 1.3 scanning while flying does not show POI’s, only occasionally does it work
Since 1.34 or 1.33 my base icon does not show once my ship is airborn. There is an icon but no flag in it, so it looks like all other beacon icons.
Thumium 9 does not show on scans, making it very hard to find


Scanning yes, I seem to only get the trading/spaceports, 15-20 minutes away…nothing else. Makes trying to upgrade my ships via wrecks extremely difficult. Stupid observation, but I can get out of the ship, do a scan and have several areas close by populate with the Circle-? but while flying, nothing close…only those trading platforms.
Not sure on the base issue, I never look unless I’m in space, in which case I do see it properly.
I do get the Th on my scans while walking/jet-packing around.

That’s PS4, patch 1.33 so far. Wont be able to test 1.34 until late tonight.


T9 is now the rarest of all elements. It appears they will soon remove it completely to get rid of the traveler … i.e… Emily


Just a tip, if you scan plutonium crystals before harvesting you can get Thamium9 as a secondary element.


I was base building and needed a lot of iron, which I got from mining those stalagmites in caves, just to notice I had loads of Thamium9 from it as well. Not sure if a scan was required first.


Yes it is. Without scan you have only 1 ressource. Sometimes you’re lucky and you explore a planet where there is gold into the plutonium. Better scan everything now, even some plants can have rare gas in.

On PC you can spam the “1” key (not numpad) and it will highlight close ship if there is. Helpfull for crashed ships. I don’t remember what button is on PS4 .


Thanks everyone! Scan…scan…scan…


Oh, thanks. I think one of the directional arrows on the PS highlights ships, I remember it working in combat, I’ll test that out in a bit.


My planet has gold in the iron stalagmites, so I get stacks of gold during base building


Is it possible… @oldgods is it possible that I saw a small flash of lightening when a storm hit earlier on the planet I was on? I might just have been playing a bit long, maybe the outer corner of my eye went weird momentarily or maybe the suggestion simply stayed in my subconscious more than I realised from another thread here…or maybe it was lightening! Whatever it was, it was an incredible moment so if it was just me and didn’t happen, then I’ll just be thankful for the timing of a highly active imagination!

@anyone/everyone, I would love to know if you’ve had any :zap:


I had some :cloud_with_lightning::zap: few times. Maybe i was tired too. But i clearly saw flashes!


Either we have the same kind of crazy, or there is lightening. I SWEAR I saw lightning.


I’ve seen that flash too at the beginning of a storm. Didn’t see a lightning bolt but more like a flash on the corner of the screen a few times. HG is listening! Hoping for a lot more of this in the future!!!


The temp fix I found for this is, activate your pulse drive and then accept the comms. It works, sorta, especially if your ship FOV is set to 100 :wink: