V1.33 patch notes

v1.33 has dropped on the ps4, this is all I could find on it

Fixed issue where player bases were given the name "Unknown Base" rather than a generated name
Fixed S-class ships having incorrect pricing and numbers of slots
Added rockets to starting ship in creative default save game
Added new icon for solo difficulty AI ships
Fixed Albumen Pearl plants using the wrong name on their interaction labels
Fixed the landing marker being visible in some fighter cockpits
Fixed texturing issue seen with some combinations of AMD GPU and drivers
Added and improved audio at the ending of the Atlas path
Added and improved audio for terrain editing
Improved audio for missions
Improvement to vehicle boost timings
Made marker for rare graves stay up for the same time as other object markers
Prevented trees in frozen biomes spawning close to or intersecting buildings
Fixed issue where travelling through the centre of the galaxy could sometimes take you back to the same galaxy
Fixed issue where mission waypoints on the galactic map would not be for your current mission
Improved UI error messages relating to missions on the galactic map
Improved ship speed output on ship HUD
Increased guidance for finding Convergence Cubes as part of the scientist mission
Prevented some tutorials (for example for life support) from being shown in your log
Prevented Artemis being visible in the holohub after they should have left
Protected against some cases where missions can send you to depot which has already been destroyed
Improved binocular scanning for background objects
Prevented binocular scanning flicking between multiple objects
Added ability to scan all building types and fixed their displayed names
Added ability to scan ships
Fixed text truncation on binocular HUD
Added the option to display temperatures in Celcius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin regardless of locale
Fixed display of longer planet names on the discovery page UI
Added ability to cancel in progress missions
Added faction icons on the galactic map
Improved ship handling when booster upgrades are installed
Fixed mission notifications showing an incorrect icon for Electron Vapour
Fixed an issue where portals you've returned through could not be updated to a different address
Improved visuals around icons for different inventories
Added joypad and keyboard controls for switching between inventories
Fixed galactic map showing joypad prompts for changing filters when playing on mouse and keyboard
Fixed issue where players could lose the teleport destination they needed to complete the Mind Arc mission
Fixed players getting stuck in an interaction with the armourer if they hadn't yet built a terminal
Fix for visual artifacts from transparent objects showing through the warp effect
Reduced cases where terrain editing changes are lost when reloading a save
Reduced difficulty of the final armourer mission
Improved low flight mode handling
Fixed crash in string translation when loading certain saves
Added missing scan event icon to the Antimatter tutorial
Fixed terrain editor being built with full charge
Fixed occasional hang in displaying some multi-byte characters
Improved saving and loading of terrain edits
Fixed issue where upgrading from a previous save would cause player bases to be floating or underground
Fixed very occasional crash in rendering
Fixed occasional crash relating to destructable objects
Prevented the interaction camera occasionally triggering at inappropriate times
Fixed the Farmer displaying the wrong text for their final mission
Prevented pinned missions occasionally being deselected on warp
Fixed issue where players could become stuck in the final atlas station
Improved automatically selecting missions from NPCs in your base when they begin
Improved pricing of base building parts in normal mode

Sweeet :smiley:

Still no fix on those having trouble with a pre 1.2 and/or pre-1,3 save not being able to attain glyphs, see fourth race NPCs in the wild or find traveller graves?

I don’t see it mentioned but fingers crossed it does.

I’ll have a wander around later and see if I can’t find any glyphs.

Started a new survival mode save the other day and already have half the glyphs on that one XD

looks good, lots of variable they are addressing.
but it doesn’t appear to address a rare save issue that breaks your game save, you can lose all your inventory (apart from tech), and also prevents further saves, reloading previous save will not even fix. I had to cold boot the ps4 before it even started saving again, it was like groundhog day in space for a while.

Thank you for posting this.

I was hoping that they would improve shop/ mission dialog to be more streamlined (instead of revisiting each panel again when attempting to choose futrher options). However, it is great that HG has fixed so many bugs so promptly.

2.2GB ?? what are you hiding HG !? sneaky guys. :wink:


“Fixed issue where traveling through the center of the galaxy could sometimes take you back to the same galaxy”

NADA will be happy now!!! lol

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Was hoping they’ed nerf the last armorer mission - nope, still getting my arse kicked :flushed:

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Thank you for posting this @know-nuffin …wooo excited to log in later tonight! I know what you mean on the last armourer mission it took me a while and can honestly say no matter win or lose, I never enjoy forced fighting/killing - not for any mission - but got there in the end, carrying 2000 iron for deflector shield repairs throughout each time (died twice) but did eventually manage to take out the three ships necessary to progress. Keeping that shield up is key but my god, I struggle, haha.

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Have full upgrades for shield and photon cannon on my old zero bonuses ship. Only recharged shields thrice, mostly because photon cannon doesn’t kick ass anymore…

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The only thing that could improve NMS ten fold would be the addition of Bill Murray. A whole race of Bill Murrays! You could have you Bob Wileys, and your peter venkmans and -
*** rushes to write fan fiction the world doesnt want but NEEDS! ***


Lure them down to low atmos, get far away from that sentinel fleet ship, pick them off there, you can get around behind enemies really easily using the environment on a planet and they actually have a much harder time losing your tail and getting the spin around on you.

I find it’s also very easy to tail them when theres a lot of asteroids around should you be in spaaaaaaaaaace!


easy cash making bug fixed :frowning:


@toddumptious @capturleat thanks for the tips guys, :+1:

I shall load up with iron, wipe the tears from my eyes… erm, I mean wipe the sweat from my brow and try again - low orbit pursuit sounds like a plan :airplane: :boom: :small_airplane:


don’t have to get all 3 at once,
shoot a freighter to get 1 star, shoot down the cop, fly away to lose star
rinse repeat


The team at Hello Games have been busy, good work guys!

Have they addressed the issue where beacons/geobays from pre 1.3 files will spawn under the terrain? I have a normal mode save from last year and my colossus geobay is under the terrain. I dug down as far as possible and the icon is below the planet geometry. I can’t even select it to delete it.

If it’s on PS4 as on PC, the 1.33 change nothing, i’m still unable to find graves by scanning. The only way is to be lucky enough and meet a traveller in a space station or trade outpost on a planet (always keep 100 nanites in case…). And sometimes it doesn’t work well. I met 3 travellers so 3 graves but i have only 2 glyphes (maybe the 3rd one gave me a glyph i already had, dunno). But i know that some people can’t see the marker even after having paid the traveller so the bug seems to be able to have different form.

I haven’t found one. I didn’t know getting one from a traveler was a option, thanks.

i’m not getting the option: no soon as i hit outer space the large sentinel vessel warps in and the 3 pairs of fighter come at me - i must have upset them on GTA 5 or something :confused:

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are you pissing off sentinels on a planet and then going to space or something?

Well, seems like there are some text issues with the new update, or the Korvax turned themselves into Gek for some dark reason:

Alos a language issue (it’s Dutch), first one says ‘Bekijk missies’, which is correct, second option says ‘Verlaat Missions’, the word ‘Missions’ should of course be ‘missies’.

no mate, they’re just coming at me, 1, 2 and 3 star all at once… :open_mouth: i’ll get them eventually