Patch for Steam player

If you’re a steam player, don’t forget to try the experimental branch to test the next patch and help in it:

Changes on Experimental - Update 1.3 Atlas Rises
Hi everyone!

IMPORTANT:Please keep discussion on this thread focussed around Experimental - posts should only be made if you’ve played on Experimental and have feedback (this helps us understand better if the fixes we’ve made are helping). If you’d like to report bugs you’re experiencing in the LIVE game, please use either the Tech Support forum, or report the bug to us here:

Thanks for sharing all of your feedback so far! We’re updating our Experimental branch now with a few fixes, as detailed below:

Fixed an issue that caused cargo slots not to unlock following purchase
Players who’ve unlocked all general exosuit slots can now unlock tech and cargo slots as intended
Fixed an issue that caused claiming a new base to stop NPC missions from working
Fixed an issue preventing players from being able to finish the farmer and exocraft missions
The Base terminus will now display mission objectives, allowing you to pick the correct system, and it will no longer forget mission critical systems. Note: this is currently a preventitive fix, a cure for those who’ve already experienced it will come soon
Fixed issue requiring creative mode players to complete mercenary missions
Fixed a rare issue causing players with multiple ships in a freighter to spawn on top of each other
Fixed an issue that caused custom waypoints to over ride the Atlas Path in the Galactic Map
Standing will now be correctly rewarded for guild missions
Players who recruited base NPCs prior to update 1.3 can now take missions from those NPCs as soon as they are at their terminals
Fixed an issue that allowed players to miss Atlas Stations and thus block their atlas path progress. This is currently a preventitive fix, a cure will follow.
Players will no longer be prevented from progressing when sent to an Atlas Station as part of the story
NPC base missions requiring you to destroy a depot should no longer send you to a destroyed depot
The power of the Analysis Visor upgrades has been significantly increased, resulting in much higher rewards when scanning with flora or fauna upgrades
Fixed an issue causing waypoint lines not to draw in the galactic map
Fixed some rare crashes

The experimental version can be accessed using this access code: 3xperimental

Please let us know in this thread if any of the issues above persist when playing on experimental.

I’ll go ahead and keep this thread updated with any new changes on Experimental as they come in - so be sure to check back from time to time.



Thanks for info!

I learnt a new world at a ruin so Artemis quest should be all fine with this next patch.

I’m not a Steam player, but is this a 1.3.2 patch?

Did you already know all words but since this patch you learnt a word…Is that what you are saying??

Yes it is. I knew all the words and after the small update of this experimental pre-patch i had at last a 1/3 in the Artemis quest.
EDIT: it works with stones too.

@crypticevincar they’re still working on it but it’s possible to help them with the experimental. It gives you a strong base of what the next patch will be but they add some features day after day so it’s not finished.

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It was include, they just forgot to mention before:

Hi guys,

Quick addition to the list which was missed off accidentally:

Fixed an issue that prevented players from progressing the storyline if they had already learned all alien words


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New patch in progress

Fixed issue where player bases were given the name “Unknown Base” rather than a generated name
Fixed S-class ships having incorrect pricing and numbers of slots
Added rockets to starting ship in creative default save game
Added new icon for solo difficulty AI ships
Fixed Albumen Pearl plants using the wrong name on their interaction labels
Fixed the landing marker being visible in some fighter cockpits
Fixed texturing issue seen with some combinations of AMD GPU and drivers
Added and improved audio at the ending of the Atlas path
Added and improved audio for terrain editing
Improved audio for missions
Improvement to vehicle boost timings
Made marker for rare graves stay up for the same time as other object markers
Prevented trees in frozen biomes spawning close to or intersecting buildings
Fixed issue where travelling through the centre of the galaxy could sometimes take you back to the same galaxy
Fixed issue where mission waypoints on the galactic map would not be for your current mission
Improved UI error messages relating to missions on the galactic map
Improved ship speed output on ship HUD
Increased guidance for finding Convergence Cubes as part of the scientist mission
Prevented some tutorials (for example for life support) from being shown in your log
Prevented Artemis being visible in the holohub after they should have left
Protected against some cases where missions can send you to depot which has already been destroyed
Improved binocular scanning for background objects
Prevented binocular scanning flicking between multiple objects
Added ability to scan all building types and fixed their displayed names
Added ability to scan ships
Fixed text truncation on binocular HUD
Added the option to display temperatures in Celcius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin regardless of locale
Fixed display of longer planet names on the discovery page UI
Added ability to cancel in progress missions
Added faction icons on the galactic map
Improved ship handling when booster upgrades are installed
Fixed mission notifications showing an incorrect icon for Electron Vapour
Fixed an issue where portals you’ve returned through could not be updated to a different address
Improved visuals around icons for different inventories
Added joypad and keyboard controls for switching between inventories
Fixed galactic map showing joypad prompts for changing filters when playing on mouse and keyboard
Fixed issue where players could lose the teleport destination they needed to complete the Mind Arc mission
Fixed players getting stuck in an interaction with the armourer if they hadn’t yet built a terminal
Fix for visual artifacts from transparent objects showing through the warp effect
Reduced cases where terrain editing changes are lost when reloading a save
Reduced difficulty of the final armourer mission
Improved low flight mode handling
Fixed crash in string translation when loading certain saves
Added missing scan event icon to the Antimatter tutorial
Fixed terrain editor being built with full charge
Fixed occasional hang in displaying some multi-byte characters
Improved saving and loading of terrain edits
Fixed issue where upgrading from a previous save would cause player bases to be floating or underground
Fixed very occasional crash in rendering
Fixed occasional crash relating to destructable objects
Prevented the interaction camera occasionally triggering at inappropriate times
Fixed the Farmer displaying the wrong text for their final mission
Prevented pinned missions occasionally being deselected on warp
Fixed issue where players could become stuck in the final atlas station
Improved automatically selecting missions from NPCs in your base when they begin
Improved pricing of base building parts in normal mode


They’re certainly keeping an impressive pace. I think that covers most bugs I’ve heard about and half a dozen I did not.

Thanks for sharing the lists here. :slight_smile:


I have been able to abandon two bugged delivery missions thanks to this new patch : thanks HG!

Unfortunately, first Artemis “mission” to reestablish contact by finding long range transmitter is “not in current system” and 700000+ ly away

Last Atlas seems bugged as I’ve kept in inventory my item heart of …. It sent me to a black hole, but then, it tells me “not in this system”
Edit : seems i’m not alone

New wave of future fix:

Updated: 23/08/2017

Fixed an issue where large numbers of portal visits would be added to the player’s save, greatly increasing its size and impeding the ability to save the game
Prevented the terrain editor draining in charge when editing empty voxels
Prevented the user being able to edit terrain outside their base radius for free while standing inside their base
Fixed responses made to Artemis and Apollo at times being incorrectly tracked
Prevented the player being blocked from progressing if they decline to enter glyphs into a particular story portal
Fixed instances where Atlas text was appearing as though it came from an NPC
Fixed FoV in photo mode showing degrees as a temperature
Allowed discovery screen to show images from a larger number of visited waypoints
Added a placeholder image in cases where a waypoint image is not available
Allowed scrolling of names on the discovery page which are too long to be displayed
Fixed an graphical issue where a blur effect would be applied while teleporting
Improved prioritisiation of systems you have teleported from when listing your most recent teleport locations
Altered teleporters in space stations to allow you to teleport directly to other stations as well as to your base
Improved ordering of icons on the galactic map to more correctly indicate missions and system information
Increased maximum number of paths which can be rendered in the galactic map
Improved appearance of the message displayed when player’s starship is out of range
Fixed warning symbol on broken tech rendering too small
Fixed bug where players were not always being correctly awarded glyphs
Fixed issue in tutorial messaging when the player repaired their pulse drive but nothing else before entering their ship
Added the amount of units you will earn for a discovery to the binocular UI
Added correct emotion anims for various interactions with NPCs

I hope that the “Fixed bug where players were not always being correctly awarded glyphs” will allow me to see graves in scanning and the 16th glyph should be unlock now.

@William, maye now you’ll be able to go on with Artemis :wink:

It is still with the experimental.


I was hoping they would fix the bug where the small round icon for waypoints wouldn’t update after you scan the building or save at the waypoint for the first time (remains a question mark with a green background).

Is anyone else seeing that?


New experimental patch post 1.33 - Steam

Few minor text changes, please!
-“Pulse engine offline - space station nearby”… but I am close to a black hole, not a space station!
-agent mission is not always a Korvax!

Still a thing… Conflict between wings and reactors

First time ever I see this : a Greenwich meridian visible from space!!!

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Unfortunatly everybody have this problem and nobody understand why this “little thing” isn’t already fixed.

@William maybe not a meridian but the 1st planett seam :smiley:

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Altered teleporters in space stations to allow you to teleport directly to other stations as well as to your base



While they do check the forum, you should report this a a bug in their zendesk:

EDIT: Typo

HG_Hohbes [développeur]
Hey guys,

The POI / scanner issue is currently being investigated - stay tuned, we’ll let you know when we have more info!


Maybe the end of the never ending blue question mark

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1 week waiting but here is the next step:

Features and changes
Introduced ship handling variances between types/classes. Each individual ship now has procedural handling and speed characteristics, based on their type and class
Handling is now displayed as a value on the ship statistics screen
It’s now possible to craft multiples of the same product at once
Added the ability to craft more of the same product on top of an existing stack
Improved transferring items between inventories
Added a toggle to switch from buy to sell screen on the trading menu
Added variance in handling between ship types
Improved the appearance of popup menus
Improved speed and smoothness of user interface page transitions
Reduced the amount of resource required to repair tech in Survival mode
Improved visuals for editing terrain
Improved display of critical warning messages
Added message to notify the player if they select a portal glyph they have not yet learned
Added additional information to the quick menu when the player attempts to charge something with insufficient resources
The quick menu will now automatically close after selecting an option
Alien words which have been translated are now highlighted in interactions
Improved messaging when portal glyphs are rewarded
Improved user interface navigation using Q, E, W, S and A and D keys
Added ability for player to enable torch while in caves
Improved galactic map saturation, colours and effects
Added an option in the galactic map to toggle user waypoints

Bug fixes
Fixed an issue preventing players with very long play times being able to save
Fixed an issue where black dots would occasionally appear while looking into the sun
Added audio when interacting with portals
Prevented hazard effects showing while teleporting or warping
Prevented mission log opening when you unpin recipes
Prevented players being able to scan creatures through the terrain
Fixed an issue causing extremely distant points of interest to show when scanning
Removed large white marker which would occasionally show up permanently over buildings
Fixed an issue where visited buildings would not correctly update their icon
Fixed an issue where visiting a building would not correctly mark nearby waypoints as visited
Fixed an issue where scanning buildings would not also scan nearby waypoints
It’s no longer possible to lose the Atlas Path by using a black hole
Denying the Atlas Path will no longer show you the Atlas Path
Balanced the damage potential of the Scatter Blaster upgrade
Players will no longer be directed to the anomaly in systems where it can’t spawn (e.g. when an Atlas Station is present)
Prevented portals from being incorrectly left enabled at times they shouldn’t be
Removed grass from bases created prior to the Atlas Rises update
Completed freighter salvage missions will no longer be incorrectly re-added to the mission log
Fixed issue where your base teleporter can be duplicated and incorrectly labelled in teleporter location lists
Prevented incorrect distant paths being drawn in the galactic map
Fixed an issue where galactic map paths would draw incorrectly
Fixed an issue where players could manipulate mission boards to get multiple of the same mission type
Fixed an issue where system race was being displayed incorrectly when talking to mission NPCs
Fixed an issue that caused general ship handling to overly effect ship boost handling
Spoiler warning: Fixed an issue where some players were not rewarded the Remembrance recipe at the conclusion of the story
Fixed some rare crashes

The end of the damn blue question mark :smiley:


Good stuff! Looking forward to try out those UI inventory tweaks!


I like these improvements, the freighter salvage missions popping up all the time, hazards when warping back to base were also annoying. I wonder how large the differences in handling between ship types will be now.