Before and After

Only managed to load up my game on Sunday, so after the prompt bug fix patch. I managed about an hour or so playtime due to family commitments but early signs are good. So impressed with 1.31!

Yes my home planet has changed, even the name of it. In the Discoveries tab it was named as it originally was but actually being on planet, it had defaulted back.

The Pros here is that I can rename it to something more appropriate, the cons being that in a system where I have carefully named all five planets, I now don’t know which one is which! First world problems I know compared to some of the issues that others have had which thankfully I have been spared.

I have some before and after screenshots to share, this was an early version of my base.

And now in 1.31

Here is a mountain pre-1.31

And now the same view

So yes, I now live on an ice-cube with freezing temperatures. Needless to say I shall be relocating my base as soon as I can, but at least it loaded correctly and I actually have a base to move.


Great that you got a shot from the same spot! Surprised that the mountain didn’t change. I couldn’t find any resemblance on my homeplanet


Looks like a serious case of Climate change…


Luckily the mountain is right behind my base.

very nice base! :smiley:

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WOW! Thats so cool that even though a lot has changed in the simulation, that beautiful mountain landmark stayed the same.

I had my base on a lush jungle world, it was turned into one of those newer hexagonal construct type worldy things, so the terrain was completely rewritten, all my harvesters were floating miles above since nearly all terrain was now near bedrock/sea level.

Love that sorta stonehenge thing on your mountain, so happy it stayed there for you and a greta way to see how mountains have been made more mountainy and less hilly :slight_smile:

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Just the after here… I had a base which had three landing pads… ships had been circling, sort of trapped by the mountains… after the update the land is higher and my base and the landing pads are under the rock…weird thing to watch the ship land into the rock and dissapear the suddenly take of from within the rock. You have to wait a bit to wait as I land and then as I hang about waiting to see the ships.

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@Linshell You’re such a rebel. As soon as I enter an atmosphere, I am correcting my attitude. Here you are flying inverted with a last minute flip landing. Stop showboating Maverick! :rofl::joy:


@Epitaph There’s no Up or Down in space… just … well, just … space!

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For me to be able to continue my old save and carry on without feeling annoyed that I have to redo the base building missions, IN MY FULLY CONSTRUCTED BASE, I have had to invent my own back story:

There I was, a happy Insulating Gel farmer making units and visiting new worlds when all of a sudden, (because all great stories start suddenly…) A galaxy wide cataclysm occurred, I don’t know exactly what happened, but freighters had been torn out of the sky and lay in ruins. When I woke from an emergency induced hyper-sleep by my ship, it was 16 thousand years in the future. I couldn’t believe it. My base was still intact but sadly the inhabitants, my loyal workers had either perished or moved on to escape the cataclysm. My own world, which had once been a lush fertile land, was now in the midst of an ice-age.

Checking my ship over, thankfully it still functioned, I took off and headed to the stars and saw familiar yet strange lands. Oceanic worlds had changed into scorched hostile deserts, devoid of all water.

Heading to the nearest space-station, I could see things had changed their too. A new race was present, new technology had been discovered in answer to the new adversities of the galaxy. Familiar plants and elements had been rediscovered and renamed, I felt like a stranger in a time I knew, or thought I knew.

There was but one thing I could do. I decided to learn the new ways of this familiar yet different world. I would need to recruit new workers to teach me what I thought I knew. The balance on my Galactic Current Account was still showing the 65million units as before, how far that would get me now I couldn’t tell. Would it buy me a new ship or would I only have just enough for a Cheese Burger. Who knew.

I knew I had materials in storage that have also survived. I smiled and climbed into my faithful Hauler, marvelling at the new exotic ships whizzing overhead, this, was going to be fun.

Like I said, it helps me deal with the changes…


I totally understand the need for a coping mechanism like that. I’m currently not playing because I can’t get back to the system I was an.

Great you found a way to deal with the change!

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Props for the back-story/coping mech… Even in-line with some of the lore! This is exactly what the Atlas wanted you to do :wink:

I myself were a simple Farmer of the gel aboard ones Freighter. I had moved base many a time already and grew weary of the looming cosmic changes thus refrained from further planetary farming. After Atlas arose and the tide of the regenerated galaxy had subsided I ventured homeward. Finding my stilt-base that once overlooked an ocean paradise was both relief & grief. Where the panoramic ocean once glistened through the pane-glass, all I now see is a shroud of dusty hills amidst patches of vegetation. The state of base being ones only saving grace


Hello All,

I’m hailing from the galactic center, and I just joined this community a few days ago. This is, in fact, my second post. What a great group this is! Anyhow, as I stated in my first post, I too was pretty heavily impacted by the “Great Galactic Regeneration”. More so than others, in my opinion. You see, I opened a restaurant…

Yes, THAT restaurant. A franchise, actually. (I’m not going to take all the credit and fun away from people. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) I named the system to attract Travelers before they made that “One Giant Leap”, hoping for some business. I even renamed the planet in my two celestial body solar system “Miliways” so passers-by would be absolutely sure they knew where they were going. My planet was a temperate water world filled with many small continents devoid of macrofauna and hostile Sentinels. I picked a base on a powder blue cliff overlooking an archipelago jutting from a Kool-aid red ocean. Hanging low in the sky was my systems’ sister planet. And in low orbit, my freighter hovered, just to give the right effect.

I was just putting the finishing touches on the attached gas station, (full service rest stop here, baby!), when the “Regeneration” hit.

Upon returning to my planet after 1.3 installed, I was met with a slime green world awash in acid rain and darkness. The once magnificent cliff my base rested on was now a stygian plane out of a Lovecraft novel. It looked like the ocean had been drained away and the mountains flattened by some malevolent god. My restaurant looks like it had been abandoned, with all the missing interior walls and vegetation growing through the floor plates. Crestfallen, I have little choice but to close up shop and start looking for another site to open my establishment.

However, I have opened a portal on this location, in case anyone needs a shortcut to the center. The planet is actively inhabited by the Vy’keen, who have set up a trading post within an easy walk of the ancient teleportation relic. I’ve also left a greeting message, beacon, and Colossus garage for any Traveler that comes through. (Hopefully they will work for them) My hope is that my loss is someone else’s gain.

Anyhow, if anyone from the the more populated areas do come to this lonely neck of the woods, I do hope you give a quick scan for my next Restaurant At The End Of The Universe. Drop by, have a slice of meat beast, hobnob with a deity, and stay for the floor show! Our rates are high, but we have a great lay-away savings plan! :blush:


The terrain around my base changed completely though. There used to be a steep mini-mountain behind my base and now its gone. They did say some of our bases might move to another spot on the planet, so that might be the case for me.

@linshell (and perhaps others who were not aware of this this): You should consider putting your “mining laser” and “bolt caster” upgrades together in your multi-tool for synergy bonuses. Check’s_Sky:_Inventory_Placement for details. I believe you get something like 25% bonus for each adjacent slot, so putting a +3 in the middle of 4 others makes it effectively a +6, which is quite sizable.


Wow wasn’t expecting others to share their personal back stories to cope with the changes, but I’m smiling from ear to ear knowing I’m not the only one!

If you want, I could start a new thread going into more detail with the story and if there’s a friendly mod reading, all these great replies can be moved and added.

Jeez I love this game :slightly_smiling_face:


@Shota thank you… i have been meaning to learn what to do, this advice will be useful… i didn’t know what order tau and sigma were so didn’t know the order… my ship needs sorting as well have tried with that but the slots are a bit random…
Thanks again,

I can’t speak for my rivals over at Big Bang Burger, but I promise to charge you far less than 65million Units for a cheeseburger, should you visit. That is, if I can find new workers and produce to make you a meal. :grin:

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Is this a Before and after thing?
I am playing in creative but have been shot to bits by pirates my dashboard shows a red triangle on the left screen and a damaged ship on the right screen… what should I do if anything ?
Hadn’t happened to me before…

The order is not that important, the most important is that the highest bonus has the most adjacent fields. So if we look at ship shields, the sigma should go at the outside (lowest bonus, so only 1 neighbor), but it doesn’t matter if the tau or the omega is the top one. It would if you could arrange them in a T shape, then the omega should go middle, but since the weapons/warp cores/etc are in the way, a single line is the best option there. (Only hyperdrive can go in a T shape due to where it’s located.)
Likewise, the mining laser can make a block of 34 with the +1 bonuses of various types on the corners (2 neighbors), the +2 along the sides (3 neighbors) and the +3/4 in the middle (well, at least, 2 of them can be in the middle) for 4 neighbors. Since you get 25% bonus per neighbor, the +3 becomes a +6.
And in fact, they become so good I personally believe that all you need is a mining laser. In that case you can even do a 3
5 block of laser upgrades. (Just keep grenade +3 and +2 around for doors (and things that need to die ever faster, though I’ve personally not encountered the.)

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