Cool things making all the difference

Just completed my 1st mission, curing the sick. On route back to the space station a bounty honed into view - man alive they’ve tweaked the combat much for the better.

Which of the tweaks are rocking your worlds.

  1. You don’t get thrown out of your ship when you land.
  2. Low, slow, flight is so much better.
  3. Precise landing is much easier - not perfect, but hugely improved.
  4. I started a new game for the update. Combat in your starter ship is seriously scary.
  5. Exploring the bridge of a crashed freighter. There’s nothing there, but it’s great to do it.
  6. Almost everything seems a little bit harder. Which is no bad thing.

Its seriously scary in my old fully equipped C class. New thruster arrangement and minimum lock on makes it wsy mor challenging.

I read on here the escape pods have use again, and there was I using them as a port-a-loo. :hushed:

Noticed too, you can slow the ships right down to 7u/s for a proper low orbit gander bofore you call for valet parking, :sunglasses: and you can look around when sat stationary in you cockpit :crazy_face: - I actually emailed both those as suggestions to HG before foundation, nice to think it somehow filtered through :star_struck:

I asked for crashed freighters.
I’ll just arrogantly pretend they exist because of me. :smile:

When 1.3 blasted the universe (and altered everything the interlopers thought they knew), many freighters were crippled and crashed.

Love all the new aesthetics.
Love the more vicious critter packs.
Love that the galaxy will have many more varieties of biomes.
Love the portals (even though I havent seen one yet)
Love that there is new tech but I wish I hadn’t ‘forgotten’ the old tech.
Love ETARC…(even with some bugs and issues 99% of the ETARC CSD are positive and embracing the NMS galactic apocalypse update).
& of course.
Love the dedication from HG (and our beloved SM) for the dedication and working to complete the dream.