Jet Pack Un-Nerfed!?

Anyone Notice the Boost Jump has been un-nerfed? I’m 80% sure that my jetpack is lasting longer again when I do the melee attack, jetpack combo! I noticed the boost didn’t last as long after the last 2 updates. but with this one, it feels like they brought it closer back to the distance you used to be able to cover in the vanilla version.

Anyone else see this change?


I noticed this last night, I felt like suddenly I’ve been able to cover a lot more ground. :rocket:

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Glad to see I’m not the only one! I have to say I’m a big fan. I leap across canyons again, instead of having to fall into the center and break my ankles.

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No more will our stomachs drop as we wonder how many seconds until the crackle and pop that greets us before we see the Atlas gravestone lol


Hahaha, well said!

I felt like, after 1.1 or ,aybe 1.2 can’t be sure, that diffeent environments seemed to deplete your jetpack faster, but can’t be sure, our minds are easily fooled. Haven’t noticed any difference TBH.

I did actually have the feeling my jet pack went out waaaaaaay too fast on a certain poison planet. Didn’t have that on others yet, and don’t recall it happening on all poison planets either. So it might be very specific planets, or it might actually be a very specific bug (or really just the human mind having trouble with relativity…) :slight_smile:

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Maybe that’s their way of doing variations in gravity? I’m absolutely positive that they nerfed the jet pack in one of the initial updates, but I can’t be sure if it has been returned to its former glory, or is not dependent on the planet?

My jetpack originally took up the top left slot in inventory. When the bug came that moved the item in that slot into ship inventory permanently, I took advantage and relocated my jetpack elsewhere, so I could surround it with its upgrades. It lasts incredibly long this way. Its weird, but the jetpack originally was surrounded by other tech, so it could not attain any adjacency bonuses. I eventually had to abandon the ship with the stuck jetpack in inventory (this was during the golden age of ship salvaging, so 48 slotters were aplenty) to get 48 slot ship again. Ultimately, this “pure jetpack adjanecy” was only possible because you can build jetpacks, but you can’t dismantle them. Odd.

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