New Game Problems


Ok So after Successfully flying 1,000,000ks away from my home planet and glitching the game up to the point of having to reinstall altogether (which coincidentally deleted my saves and backups). I had to start fresh. I’m currently doing a speedrun to reaquire much of what I lost and I am doing absolutely wonderful. I have currently all my glyphs, I have a Hauler with 44 slots, and I have a freighter I purchased for an Amazing 17 mil after rescuing it from pirates (11slots C-class :joy:).

I need help with gate coordinates. Specifically to manufacturing facilities and drop pods. I’m SUPER lacking in tech and slots. Also I have coordinates to the super farm in the Hub, so units are not an issue . Any bonus Coordinates would be great as well. Thanks in advance.


What? How? Were you using mods or something? I don’t see any other way for your back-ups to be glitched if nothing else…especially after a reinstall. I have heard of the game being more volatile and problematic on PC but I never heard of it going that bad.


I am currently building the video. It shows everything. There is a specific thread highlighting the trip. But the problem at hand is I have nothing


I always back up all of my saves periodically on a USB. I love the game, but it has its game breaking bugs, especially around an update.

You can scan for drop pods with your signal booster that can be built from the start of the game.

You can get directions to a manufacturing facility or operation center often from getting directions from a conversation with an alien.


Well I mean planets filled with buildings aren’t uncommon…hell you’ll probably start the new game on one…the only and best trick I have is fly around scanning with your ship to find factories factories and drop pods…different portal coordinates won’t really help with that grind.


There seemed to be a coordinate for everything. Plus my booster keeps showing me the same 4 pods.


You can also scan with the signal boosters and potentially exocraft for stuff if you want to rush that.


Not really…not for trivial stuff like factories and drop pods…those are peppered pretty much everywhere except barren and exotic worlds.


Yeah signal boosters are the way to go. Just make a new one at the first drop pod site making sure that the new site is always in front of you to save you revisiting old pods. I limited to 5 pods per planet and maxed out quick. For operations centres and manufacturing facilities I spoke to npc’s till i got one of each then moved to a new system once I got the blueprints


Sounds like a plan. What about atlas passes I only had v1 and forget how I got it.


Atlas passes you can get from Operations centres and manufacturing facilities and also polo


You can also get the atlas passes from Polo at the space anomaly.


I am in a similar situation where I had to do a restart but it was because I did not remain in the Euclid galaxy, and I too am trying to work my way back from nothing, I just finished a farm for living glass AGAIN to help with units.

The booster does show the same pods over and over sometimes and I noticed that happens after the second drop pod is found, I think its because you’re still too close to the previous drop pod you located.

So try getting back in your ship and create a little more distance from the last pod about 30 seconds away and try the signal booster again , it should give you a new location.


@Doopa I am curious, how long did it take from restart point to where you are at now? Also very nice job!


13 hours.

Here’s how :sunglasses:

My home system also has 6 travelers, luck was there. Xaines word has another traveler location where I got the rest.


Impressive! I always seem to ween myself off NMS as major updates near, perhaps to prepare myself for new things and go in with a fresh mindset. It seems however, I might have to hop on tonight and play as you have inspired me today.


I wanna be ready to fight back against anything that might be coming


Well the worst case scenario is unrestricted PvP…on PS4 and PC there are a lot of veteran players with the best gear and ships and on PC people can cheat with insanely OP stuff through save editing. So as a precaution until we know what’s what and how multiplayer will actually work I would suggest going in the menus and disabling online play and base sharing. That should keep you safe from all major threats until we get real answers.


Oh no, I plan on eliminating these threats. I have yet to lose a dog fight (exception to the weapons technicians mission) and am going to strike anything in my system with as much force as possible.

PC save editing? That’s still a thing?


Yeah but fighting AI is easy if you know what you’re doing…I haven’t died in the game since September 2016. Players can replenish their shields like you, have significantly better weapons and damage boost than you, better maneuverability than you, etc.