Wierd Glitches

With every update there are bound to be glitches, let’s share them here!

There’s this really weird glitch… I can see other players? That’s not supposed to happen… right?!


This is terrible. It feels like the fabric of reality is unravelling…

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So I had to hire a new technician sine the update for some reason, and the mission he gave me was to build a geobay for the roamer which I already have built. It wont let me complete the mission, any suggestions?

Dismantle the one you have and rebuild another. If it doesn’t work you can reload your save to not lose ressources.

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I’m still having the same problem, but thanks for the tip!

Guess I’m moving my base to another place…


Just got me a 29 slot Explorer. I love crashed ships.

I found a drop pod and paid 50k to upgrade a high capacity slot. It still says I have zero :frowning:
I wouldn’t mind if this was my old normal save but this is a new survival file…bummer.

Game crashed twice when harvesting Sac Venom. (PC)

Can’t teleport back to one of the stations because I spawn under the ground of the station :frowning:

Also happened to me, didn’t find out until the second time I paid the 50k :frowning:

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The kind guys from hello games decided to built a garage for my spaceship, it is juist a little bit to small

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The artemis quests asks you to learn 3 words of a local language. Since I already know all languages, this quests cannot progress, because I simply cannot learn 3 more words. (“learned nothing new”)
Also, while I already know all words from all languages (and I cannot seem to learn more), I do have missing words in various conversations. Will continue to investigate that.

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The floating trees and bases could be a glitch of sorts… But most other stuff are full-blown bugs!

Not sure where this goes…but I’m missing a planet!

My permasave crashes on load, but thankfully I had saved a backup from yesterday when I was testing base configs. I loaded that and left that planet to find the other one I was on…and it’s gone! I’ve gone from a 5 planet system to 4!

I normally loathe the idea of loading a previous perma save (it’s not perma if you can undo, right??) but on this occasion I’m glad I did!

Hmm… typically it should send you to the nearest space station in that case (planets did get rearranged, galaxies as well). But something in perma-death mode might be interfering with that. Still, good thing you had some place to go back to. ^^

I thought so too, oh well. No harm done anyways. I haven’t checked to see how different my co ordinates are now to where I was, that’s going to be my next step!

PS4 bug, normal mode: When I press triangle to unpin a recipe, my game crashes. It has happened twice.

PS4 issue.
“You have lost internet connectivity”
But I havent? Restart doesnt fix?