Risk of anomaly too high!

I just got CTD’ed by Atlas/Emily on that premise… Still in shock.
Let me explain… Mild start spoilers ahead, I guess…
I finally decided, pushed by the old seeing Eye and a glitched Atlas path on top of my exocraft specialist also glitching, to erase my normal save and restart the game in all its 1.5 fresh smell. All normal. New Lore everywhere… I play Atlas for a pantsy as usual, in order to steal the tech and resources. I follow, I obey… You can’t read my poker face, usual deal…
As I get to the first monolith pointed by Atlas, a new and interesting string of conversation took place… Moved by the novelty, I answered in an unusually open way, not sure if it was Atlas, Artemis, Nada or the Great Old One at the end of the “line”.
“-First time here?”
“-Nah, been here, done that.”
“-For real? Traveler or friend?”
… Or something close to that. Then, straight away, crash to desktop. Not a log. No windows trying it’s usual finding of solutions that don’t solve anything… Nada.
Best meta moment of my game-life!


She’s watching you :slight_smile:

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Holy crap, really?!

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My tale is a 100% the honest truth… No mods altering conversations either… It felt as a completely scripted moment! Nobody else had something like this happen to them? It was really early in the main quest…

I’ll have to start a new game to check (not that I don’t believe you, just wanna make sure its consistent and not a crash).

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I’m about to test it again… There was no chance to save after that.

I’m gonna try this on my PS4 later to see what happens!

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To clarify. It’s during the Awakenings quest… After your (second?) warp, the ship receives a transmission… 1616161616… It tries to direct your ship. Agree. You are then directed to a point on the system marked as Fuel Source. It’s a monolith… Upon activating it, the conversation begins.

The line that got me kicked… ^^
It did not replicate for me… Seems it was old Nada, after all. But on that first instance I had to go back now from the previous jump, so it even erased my last save. Bunkers.

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Isn’t that the point where the brief relocation prior a cut-scene occurs where you are whisked away into SPOILER₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩₩÷÷÷÷÷÷÷----

Probably just an amusing crash caused by the sudden processing. I do like the coincidence though. :wink:

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SPOILER ALERT- Are you talking about when you get spaced? That was so uncool. I will never forgive HG for that.


Yep. I had a heart attack, thinking I was going to ruin my game and get all glitched out.
Talk about hold your breath and panicking.
DAMN YOU HG!!! You scared the .::. out of me.


That moment was great! This totally felt in the same spirit, yeah… But no, I went through that part with my old save. This was way before in the game, during the main introductory quest Awakenings.
At this pòint I’m convinced this thread could have been posted in bug-reports, if it were not because as per usual, my PCBANKS looks like Switzerland. It was a happy immersive accident…

Oh ok. I was thinking along the wrong bit but I still get the idea. I’m gathering it was just a PC hiccup crash then…just great timing. :smile:

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