New discoveries found in update 1.3

Sense there is all kinds of new things I though I would make this to show them off and discusse them also if you don’t want any spoilers I would turn back now

Found this at the first atlas station


Monoliths will find portals for you if you pay them like a gek charm Etc probably depending on what system you are in

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Transmission towers located via signal boosters can locate crashed freighters, there are storage modules that you can loot after digging around them and some are buried quite deep :smiley:

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I didn’t get a recipe or anything at an Atlas station, it just told me everything has entropy and sent me on my way. Did you complete the Atlas Path before the update or did you start a new save?

I finished the atlas path my first go through I also noticed people who didn’t finish have two atlas path quest do the one with more text in it

Anyone want to get to the center this planet is only I think 3000 light years away

Do it how? I can select the Atlas Path mission but interacting with the Atlas Interface still does the same thing.

I don’t know I just saw some videos were people had both the original and the new one in there quest log or maybe it is just a radon drop I just happen to get I’m like a fish out of water with this update so many new things still trying to figure it all out

I’m the same as you, I have two atlas quests in my quest log, giving me two atlas interfaces, both of them told me to go and have me nothing, I have done te atlas quiet from day one so that is probably why but don’t know why I have two quests, I think abandoned buildings have more lore to them tho

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Someone suggested I use the terminus portal to go back to my base, then fly into space. That worked, and I got the transmission from Artemis. Now I’m stuck on the part where you have to learn 3 words because I already learned all the words. They don’t seem to have thought ahead that players would be doing this mission after playing the game for a long time. Which makes no sense.

If you go to the anomalies, you can now open one of the doors. Inside, you find a “Korvax Thingy” (it’s not a thingy - I can’t remember what they called it. I suspect with my re-start, I’m not sufficiently advanced in the game to use it. I’ve no idea what it’s for. It’s ancient and powerful, though.


Have you tried learning the atlas language not sure if that will work or if you have to learn words from a certain language

You will discover that with the Traveller story.

The biggest discovery I made was meeting the 4th race on a trade post at a random planet :sweat_smile:


Sorry for the crappy quality but for each race there is now four tiers of standing with them so I’m guessing you have to work up some by doing the quest they give you and travel to there systems to rank up even more to do some of the new quest

No, Atlas words don’t count for it, I tried.

Dang that sucks have you tried contacting hello games maybe it’s a bug and needs to be fixed

Yes, I submitted a bug report on their Zendesk.

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Found at nada ship can’t do anything with it yet