Warning for artemis quest

When you get to the mind arc part, do not use the station/base terminal too many times, or you’ll have to fly manually back to artemis. It’s not fun.

Thamium is also less common than before.

Finally made it, 8 hours later…


Good thing I could still teleport. Mine was 47k light years away

Fun tip: NPCs now sell a lot more resources at Spaceports and Trading Posts. But I hope they keep watch if we begin grouching about how hard it is to keep resources stocked. I have two 40-plus slot Haulers to stuff resources in because I kept running out before 1.3, and that’s a bit much.

And thanks for the warning. I FINALLY managed to teleport back to my base late last night and have yet to do squiddly.

After some black hole roulette I cut it down to 80k lightyears, and I’m about 40 out now. I’ll keep checking posts. I found one selling 680 thamium, should have stayed a bit and found some more posts. Think they all have the same stock.

Ones I’ve found since only have 150 or so. Fun little rescue mission I guess.

Looks like I’m getting screwed on this too. Problem is, I can’t find where artemis location is even at to travel there now. How do you find it?

This could be a deal breaker for me. I have no idea how to proceed from here. If artemis is 80k light years away, fine, but how the hell are we supposed to know where to look for the system?

It takes a ton of effort building that mind arc, there are going to be a LOT of people who lose the artemis planet because they have to go to multiple systems to find everything. This is awful. :frowning:

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The Artemis quest line has yet to make itself known to me, I have started creating a new base, gonna put construction worker in, have heard they need to be done again, any guidance would be appreciated.

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Well the good news is I found the system.

The bad news is it is 129,000+ light years away.

Worst quest design I’ve ever seen.

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The quests are pretty straightforward, I’d just be careful with the base teleporting until you’re finished with it.

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I have not completed the Artemis quest and it sounds like I may have trouble due to not being able to learn new words.

However, could it be that those crazy distances are supposed to be traveled by portal somehow. This would also possibly explain why there is trouble with using the base teleporter.

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How can you start this quest on an old (pre 1.3) save?

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You will get a message while flying around that someone/something is trying to contact you using your ships communicator, and what button to press to open the channel.

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Hmm, I’ve played about 8 hours in 1.3 and haven’t got the message yet, do you haven to fly somewhere special to get the signal?

Not as far as I’m aware. I just got it while flying back to my freighter. Not sure if there are hidden requirements like “must warp into another system” or “talk to a monolith” or “do a mission”. I did all kinda random things, but nothing I’d identify as quest specific.

Hmm, I’ll try to do some random things than :stuck_out_tongue: First gotta solve the problem that none of my personel at my base wants to talk to me anymore :cry:

remove all workstations/terminals, then only built the construction terminal, and hire that guy (none of the others). He should give you quests to eventually re-hire the others.


AH, I just build a new base with all the stations, gonna do that next than, thanks!

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I am with you dude, the Artemis quest line hasn’t appeared for either, I’ve been to monoliths, abandoned building etc but nothing, I still gotta redo construction worker mission yet.

So I finally got the Artemis quest!! Yay!! All I did was start the constructor quest, popped up as an incoming transmission in my ship when I jumped to new system, I nearly missed it tho so I don’t know if some people have done just that, would be better I it said something on the main hud aswell as just an audible sound as it could get lost in the awesome music.


Yeah I finally found it as well, seems like the annoying beeping sound I had all the time was from an incomming transmission :joy:

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