PS4 Atlas Path Questline/ Artemis Questline Bugs and Issues V1.5 -V 1.54

Help!!! After the NEXT update I was finally able to create the last 3 Atlas seeds and visit the final interface, I chose to make my home base in the system with the Atlas station but when I went to put the Heart of the Sun seed all it did was give my the blueprint for a Seed technology. Now ive visited another station and its telling me it needs the Heart of the sun. Was it supposed to show me the other galaxies or did I mess it up by choosing to create a new galaxy? My last manual save is after giving the atlas my Heart of the Sun. I’m currently trying to recreate the seeds again. I have most of the ingredients to make them so far. I’m dissapointed that this happened seeing as how this is my first time being able to complete the Atlas storyline on Normal mode and I’ve logged over 105 hours of playtime :sob: .

Also my Artemis quest line keeps sending me on a wild goose chase through the systems. I finally uploaded Artemis to the Korvax terminal and I believe all is well since Null sent me to some weird observatory and I gave Apollo my portals coordinates. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

No mess up…that choice was always there…there’s no right or wrong choice it’s just what you want to do…you don’t have to leave Euclid but this does present a very nice choice.

There are four galaxy choices:

imperfect = 2nd galaxy Hilbert Dimension, same balance as Euclid in generation.
raging = 3rd galaxy Calypso, modified for more extreme planets.
ancestral = 7th galaxy Budullangr, modified for mode dead worlds and less lush and chance for exotic worlds to appear in yellow systems.
tranquil = 10th galaxy Eissentam, modified for more lush worlds, less dead worlds, chance for exotic worlds in yellow systems and overall less aggressive sentinels on lush worlds.

This setback may be a blessing in disguise…at least now you can make an informed choice on what type of galaxy you want to go to. Personally I’m absolutely loving Eissentam…peaceful lush worlds everywhere.


Completinf atlas path with heart of sun allows you to see black holes on the galaxy map without Nadas aid I believe, to get the option to travel centre and immediately move galaxy or stay in euclid/receive remembrance stone you must continue to follow artemis/null etc.

Not sure if I can help you at current position but always having the primary mission for those guys selected is a good start. You may also need to progress some milestones with Polo first :slight_smile:

Hope that helps Trave//er :slight_smile:

Oh, and Happy Cakemas @DarthTrethon :tada:

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Thank you for clearing this up for me! I am now halfway to being able to do it again so hopefully I’ll be able to leave Euclid finally lol! Safe travels interloper!

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Thank @DarthTrethon you lolol. This was my first time getting this far in NMS y’alls advice helps me out wayyyyy more than you’ll ever know haha. Thank you for the happy cakemas wish, it made my whole day :sparkling_heart: I’ve got mad love for my fellow CSD members! See y’all on the PS4 my username is : SnailynRage


Happy cake day @DarthTrethon.

I am fairly certain that my cake day is tomorrow.