The Atlas path quest bugged


After having reset the simulation i found out my atlas path is bugged im hoping to find a fix for after more then 300 hours in, starting again isnt really an option to me.

Most players reset the simulation get 10 seeds during gameplay, birth there own star and after reset the atlas is no longer path present in atlas stations.

Here is me:
Reset, check! 10 seeds? I got 0! Birth my own star? Nope, and after the reset the atlas (the big red orb) is still present in every single atlas station i visit after the reset.
The atlas path quest itself disappeared from my log, it comes back on occasion, but disappeares again before i can get to an atlas station.

Every now and then i get to a building where u open a door with atlas pass V3 and behind it there is something that needs a remembrance? For whatever reason.
I cant do a thing here since i cant craft a “heart of the sun” (which is required for remembrance)
I have 0 seeds, also asked for help on facebook groups, but so far no luck

WTH? Is there any way to reset the atlas path?


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Welcome to the forum @Alex1504.
I moved you to another thread on the same topic. It appears the Atlas Path is indeed broken. We are trying to get a captured nanode to @Topher to see if it unlocks the quest.
Are you on PC or console? What mode? Please respond in the new thread.