Expanding The Base?

I have started a new game since the launch of Beyond. I am now 100+ hours in - I have bases in several systems, I have a big freighter and a 48 slot class A hauler.

I have completed the base computer plan searches. I have started (but not yet completed) Artemis and the Atlas Path.

I have, however, not yet managed to trigger the “Expanding the Base” quest line. To the best of my memory, it used to trigger automatically whilst building base parts - but it hasn’t happened for me.

Any ideas how to get this thing to start?


You should get that while doing the Artemis Path, after meeting Apollo iirc


Ah. That’s probably it, then. I haven’t got that far with Artemis. I’ll do a bit more.

Many thanks.


Yes. @SingularGleam is correct. At one point Apollo will want to make sure you are ready for what lay ahead and he starts you upgrading your multi-tool and expanding your base.


Well, returning to the Artemis quest did the trick - but it turned out it wasn’t necessary to see Apollo.

I completed the signal triangulation for Artemis, learned a few words, then spoke to a Korvax, who told me the map coordinates did not exist.

At that point, the “Expanding the Base” quest appeared in my log, along with the ability to make a construction terminal.

So it appears that base expansion is linked to Artemis, but it’s not meeting Apollo that triggers it.

Thanks for your help, @SingularGleam and @sheralmyst. It’s all working now.


Yeah, the Apollo quest just gives you your first prefab, which by this point you probably already gotten from the Nexus…