How do you get storage units 1-9

In NEXT once you got storage units, you got them all.


Now, I was only given unit 0. There’s no more available to build.

When I go to the Anomaly, it only has unit 0 for sale.

Units 1-9 don’t appear at all. Even locked.

So, how/when do I get the others?



Not sure if still the same as in NEXT, but have you completed the Overseer quest (Base terminal) which will give you the blueprint to build them all?


I have been working on the Artemis quest and switched to the Base Archives quest while I was building the Science Terminal. It gave me the blueprint to Storage Unit 0. I assume it will open up the rest as well.
REMEMBER, to check and highlight the other quests in you log when you get stuck on something.



It only opens up the 0 storage unit.

I only have 2 quests.

And they’re both just waiting for time to pass.

When did you get the overseer quests?

I STILL haven’t received the overseer quest so I have nothing to do.

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The overseer quest comes up during the Artemis/Apollo Primary Mission. It is the Expanding the Base Secondary Mission. I am about 5 hours in and this is what I have open on a new save.

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I only have 3 missions.

  • The Atlas Path
    Find the next Atlas interface.

-The space anomaly
Continue to help Artemis

  • Alone amongst the stars.
    Increase your standing

I just happened so much faster in NEXT.

Its never taken hours to get to the point where I build the construction terminal and start hiring the 5 NPC’S.

I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

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You need to focus on helping Artemis. That will open Ghosts in the Machine. That in turn, will open Expand the Base. Now that I have both the Construction Overseer and the Scientist, it has put me back on the Ghosts in the Machine Primary Mission.
You are focusing too much on acquiring. Just follow the Primary Missions. The game has always done a fairly good job of stepping us through, sometimes we just try to force it. Remember NMS is about exploration which is something you do as you fulfill the Missions.

It is easy to get caught up in the acquiring ‘stuff’ component of NMS & forget to just wander the worlds exploring & learning.
That being said it would have been nice if HG had mentioned in the patch notes that the revised playthrough is very different to previous updates and that existing players will find a different playthrough should they astart anew.

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I believe you get the blueprint for the construction terminal by building a cylindrical room. If you don’t want to wait for that section of the Artemis questline, you could try building one to see.

“The [construction terminal] blueprint is automatically granted upon construction of a Cylindrical Room.”

GOOD NEWS! Case solved! You only need to open up the Storage Container 0 blueprint. All others come with it.
EDIT This may only be true on the Freighter…checking…

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Are you sure about that? I bought the blueprint at the nexus, and I only got the one…

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Isn’t there some trick, where you have to build the no.0 vault before the others are available? I had some issue in NEXT where I could have only no.0 until I unlocked the rest via the base archives. Then they all were available…or something like that :crazy_face:

I did that.

Ok. Could be it is only on the Freighter that all are available…will double check and edit post…that was very late last night. :upside_down_face:

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I guess I’m just not sure what to do.

I don’t have access to the guilds missions yet, so I don’t know how to increase standing other then random occurances like NPC’S accepting gifts etc.

It just says to help Artemis by buying base parts and spending nanites.

So, if that’s where you’re getting that I’m focusing on acquiring things too much, then I’m just doing what they ask me to do.

Perhaps you have tried this? When you try to build a Storage Container, use the Quick access menu to scroll through to the correct parts to build. Once you have built one storage container make sure you then select the menu again and hop to the right or left to build the next numbered container. I sometimes forgot to be on the highlighted container and couldn’t build what I had expected to be available. Once a numbered container is built it should be dimmed on the menu.

I recently think I had a bug (in Visions). I built all 9 containers in a new game and then had to obtain and build container 0 separately which was odd. I have fallen foul though of not selecting the right number to build on the menu. But perhaps you have tried that.


I’m currently at a point in my new VR playthrough where I have unlocked storage container zero via nexus but also recieved it just a little while later from base computer research. I’m about to go meet Apollo so I’m a little further ahead than you @SirGreenDay, if I manage to unlock them I’ll let you know how and when, but I reckon its as others suggested, when you get to the base construction missions.

Its taken me a lot longer to get to that point than it normally would because I’m playing in VR and running over to every new distraction and feature because I’ve already done all the other stuff so many times before :joy: the new story dialogues from nada and Co are really interesting though and have me wanting to push forward <3


There is only the one in the menu. If there were more, there wouldn’t be a problem…


Can confirm after meeting apollo, he will guide you to base overseer construction path. Once overseer is at your base they ask for chromatic metal. Then they will give you blueprint for science terminal and ask you to go to an abandoned building to retrieve some blueprints.

This will start the scientist mission and continue the overseers mission path, you may need to switch back to overseers mission in Log.

Once you retrieve the blueprint from the abandoned building the overseer marked and deliver it to them, you will recieve containers 1-9.


Solved! :face_with_monocle: