Freighter Storage Units ONLY = No remote access

With the latest 1.60 update, they removed the Storage Containers from freighters. They had now been replaced with Freighter Storage Units to be built instead. While this was a welcome change to prevent holes into space, looking pretty cool as well, they have an issue.

I assume they are supposed to work exactly the same, being accessible from any base, to send/receive items from. However, this is not the case, even though they do share inventory with the Storage Containers. I found the new Freighter Storage Units to only have remote access, if their equivalent Storage Container is built planet side (base).

I had grown used to having all my large storage (previous containers), on my freighter. I found building Storage Containers on a planetary base to be a pain, so I had none of them built elsewhere. After building the new Storage Units on my freighter, I was no longer able to access them remotely. I was now forced to actually pay a visit and interact with them on location to get/store items. However, knowing they DO share inventory with the Containers, I decided to place a couple of them at one of my planetary bases. Sure enough, all of a sudden I had access to those, not just at my planet-side bases, but freighter base as well, as it used to be.

Long story short, you can only access the new Freighter Storage Units ā€˜remotelyā€™, if you have their equivalent Storage Containers built on a planet-side base. Having this storage on your freighter only, loses the ability to remotely access them.


Ah, now I know. Thx Dev. :+1:


My wife, Knight Alese, was just commenting last night that they seemed to have removed the remote access to storage units. It just so happened that neither of us had storage units on the ground (a habit taught by the low build limit for bases pre-NEXT and keeping your storage on your freighter.)

I will let her know about this work around. Thank you!


To add to this last I tried it you only need to build one storage container to access all of them through the transfer menu.

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I think it is more authentic to actually go visit the freighter to use storage. I use freighter storage all the time, so although the remote convenience is lost (if there isnā€™t any accompanying land base to speak of), I havenā€™t been making that many base stops. Now I have a reason to make one again.

I do have a little grumble though (only tiny Hello Games sorry!!! :slight_smile: ) I miss that open walkway inside the freighter hangar which we could ā€˜jumpā€™ exosuit up to. It looked cool, especially looking down at the collection of freighter starships.

I do like the corridors they added, and understand why. They take about the same time to access the base room storage or bridge but it would be nice though maybe to include some kind of window or gantry again to quickly hop up to the storage containers if they are built or bridge perhaps. Or maybe a wire mesh external elevator perhaps like the one in the later Alien moviesā€¦for our slow escape hee hee or visit to storage containers. We could have a big red button to press :slight_smile:

I can see the corridors one day being cool to run about in perhaps being chased by an escapedā€¦somethingā€¦in the darkā€¦flashing lights and broken steam ventsā€¦ O.O