Storage containers

I don’t know if it’s been asked but can you have storage containers at a planet base AND on your frieghter, at the same time?


Yes, you can.

It will not give you new storage space, however. It will give you and extra access point for the storage container.


You can have storage containers at as many bases as you own. But they’re all the same containers. As @LordMarkov said, it’s shared storage. Once you have containers 0 through 9, you don’t get any extra storage space. The only sensible way to do that is by owning lots of haulers.


Might be good to know, you can transport goods from Storage Containers when within the perimeter of any base you own. The base you are at, does not require the containers to be built there, to still allow getting access to the inventories. As soon as you get outside base boundary, access to the containers is no longer available.


Yeah, all your storage containers now basically converge in L-space. A very limited version of it, anyways.
With all the gameplay conveniences added, I feel a bit like the worldbuilding for NMS is slowly falling appart… :frowning:

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Next question, Can you access all 0-9 storage containers even when 0-7 are on your base and 8-9 are on your freighter and your 200,000 LY from your base? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes. (some more letters to make the post long enough).


The only real reason to have storage vaults in multiple locations is for sorting if you want particular things in particular boxes.
Otherwise simply shuffling goods back and forth via your inventory slots makes things quite simple…if a little messy.


Thank you, I thought that was the case. And I believe @jedidia was alluding to that as L-space. Ploy, you where pivotal in my understanding of “electrons” and the magic smoke in tech. Are you familiar with this L-space stuff? Also, are you a wizard? :grin:

L-Space is a theoretical continuum of knowledge. The idea is that all books are based on ideas from other books. Even if those other books were lost 5,000 years ago, or have yet to be written. All knowledge is connected.

Therefore, at the quantum level, a sufficiently skilled and experienced librarian may be able to access an infinity of knowledge. They may be able to enter an alternative state, where all books exist at the same time. And, as those books require infinite space to exist, so this alternative state expands to infinity to accommodate the phenomenon.

That is L-Space.

As for my being a wizard - well, a drunkard is someone who is known for often being drunk. And a dastard is known for frequently being wicked. So, a wizard is one who is known for frequently being wise.

And if I was wise, I wouldn’t smoke. Which I do. Continuously.


Magic smoke? :thinking:


Right… Wait, but wizards smoke? :thinking:

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Sadly, magic smoke is only necessary for the function of electrical items.

In humans, smoking has been reasonably proven to shorten existence.

Except in the case of wizards. But they have their own methods.


All of them. All the time.


So if smoking causes humans to expire & ellectrical items emit magic smoke when they expire:
What happens when a cyborg expires? :thinking:


I think the forum may need its own version of


Well now, there’s a conundrum. On the one hand, we have the electronic part giving up its smoke as it expires - and then we have the mortal part inhaling that smoke, which, in turn, hastens its demise.

On the other hand, we have the biological part inhaling smoke, which is slow poison to its systems, but, which is then passed to the electronic part, for which smoke is the elixir.

But that sort of circularity is exactly what wizards and L-Space are intended to deal with. No wonder we common people don’t understand.